Tombow Adhesives: What Glue to Use When?

Hello friends! Sharing the Tombow Adhesives today with tons of ideas on how to use them!

Tombow adhesives tombow glue

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The Tombow Adhesives and Tombow Glues:

Watch me use all of these Tombow Adhesives and Tombow Glue in this video!

When it comes to Paper crafting, choosing the right Tombow adhesives for the right project is super important. Today I’m sharing the details of the MONO Air Touch Adhesive, MONO Glue Stick, Tombow Xtreme Adhesive, MONO Glue Pen, MONO Aqua Liquid Glue, and MONO Multi Liquid Glue.

How do you use tombow glue tape?

The glue tape can be easily applied where needed, you simple press the applicator to paper. If you get glue tape where you don’t need it you can easily rub it off using your finger tips.

how to use tape runner

MONO Air Touch Adhesive

The MONO Air Touch Adhesive is a tape runner that is Photo-safe and acid-free. Refills can be purchased separately. The tape can be applied where you start which is really nice.

Great for Bullet journaling, scrapbooking, and card making!

Mono air touch

MONO Glue Stick

Glue Sticks come in two sizes- small and medium. Great for paper crafts where you don’t want to create a liquid glue mess. Washable glue and can be used on cardstock, paperboard and cardboard.

Portable, easy to carry around, and great for collages!

Mono glue stick

Tombow Xtreme Adhesive

The Tombow Xtreme Adhesive is one of my most used adhesives! It creates a super strong bond and is great to use on heavier papers like watercolor, mixed media etc.Works great on Works on paper, cork, wood, fabric, glass, plastic, and rubber. Refills are available separately.

Great to use while adhering heavier watercolor papers onto cards!

Xtreme adhesive

MONO Glue Pen

The MONO Glue Pen is great to apply tiny amount of glue to adhere small items like beads, sequins, glitter etc. No mess and won’t stick to your hands.

Great for so many techniques- watercolor resist, gold foiling and more!


Glue pen

MONO Aqua Liquid Glue

The MONO Aqua Liquid Glue is a clear liquid glue with strong permanent bond. I love the bottle shape that has Dual applicators- a fine tip and a broader end. Great for embellishments, photos, cardstock, poster board!

Best glue for adhering paper to paper

WATCH TUTORIAL: Lettering using glue

Tombow glue aqua

MONO Multi Liquid Glue

The MONO Multi Liquid Glue is so popular with scrapbookers! The glue is acid free and forms a permanent bond. The glue dries tacky to the touch and is great to do techniques. The bottle shape and size is so cute!

The famous glue that is a favorite of all paper crafters!

WATCH THE TUTORIAL: Embossing on wood using glue

Tombow Mono multi liquid glue

Tombow Adhesives:

If you are looking for the right adhesives for your paper crafting project you will never go wrong with a Tombow Adhesive. The products are of great quality and never disappoint.

So these are my favorite to use Tombow Adhesives, and I also think you will enjoy this how to stick felt post.

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  1. Referencing the EXTREME roller-type adhesive… does it ever dry? I had to, with difficulty, peel a small piece of Mylar sheeting I’d “glued” to typing paper several months ago (maybe even a year) and the adhesive was still tacky which was weird.

    BTW, I use adhesive and glue interchangeably… if that is wrong my apologies.

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