How to make easy NO SEW strawberry coasters with glue

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Hello Friends! Today I am sharing a quick summer craft- How to make easy NO SEW strawberry coasters. That’s right, no sewing we are using glue instead!

These No Sew Strawberry Coasters would be fun to use for your next summer party. Or you know, make them and use them on your desk. These are so cute and simple to make and hopefully will make you smile

no sew strawberry coasters



Step 1:

Using a sharp pair of cut out a basic strawberry shape from a scrap piece of red felt. Carefully cut out the top of the strawberry and then use that piece as a guide to cut out the strawberry leaf top. This way, we will be sure that the green felt will fit correctly.

no sew strawberry coasters

Step 2:

Apply a generous amount of glue onto the back of each felt piece. You want the glue to soak into the felt a bit and have more sitting on top.

no sew strawberry coasters

Step 3:

Set aside the glue covered felt pieces for a few minutes. This allows the wet glue to get tacky to the touch. This helps adhere the felt better. Meanwhile, gather the rest of the supplies. I am using burlap paper for the back of the coasters, this paper has burlap on one side and paper on the back of it. If you don;t have this you should be able to easily use cardboard or chipboard in its place.

no sew strawberry coasters

Step 4:

Adhere the felt shapes onto the back of the burlap paper. Slowly place the green felt leaves into place and make sure that the red and green felt pieces join snuggly.

no sew strawberry coasters

Step 5:

Carefully cut around the coaster shape using a sharp pair of non stick scissors. The non stick makes it MUCH easier to cut the sticky layers.

no sew strawberry coasters

Step 6:

Finally add the strawberry seeds with a black permanent marker. It is really use to draw these in even though it is felt! Let the glue dry a bit before you go to draw the seeds though.


I used mainly stuff from my craft stash to make these coasters- some felt scraps, scissors, glue, burlap paper and a black marker. But here are a few links if you are looking for the particular items photographed.

And thats it! No sewing is involved in the making of these coasters and that is what makes it a quick craft! I love how these turned out!

You can use this same method to make coasters of other summer fruits too! Let me know in the comments below what you would make.

Below is a pinnable image that I would greatly appreciate if you would repin. Click here.

Wasn’t it fun to use craft supplies just from our stash today?
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In the meanwhile, if you are looking for more summer crafts, I have another No Sew Strawberry DIY that you can watch HERE

Happy Crafting!


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12 thoughts on “How to make easy NO SEW strawberry coasters with glue

  1. Seriously so cute! These would be adorable to use on a patio or for a 4th or July BBQ. I like how you used your destash items, I’d have not thought to back them with the burlap, that’s a great idea. Pinning 🙂

  2. Very cute! I have quite a collection of scrapbook paper & I’ve never seen the burlap paper before. I’m thinking I might make some watermelon ones!

  3. Hey Smitha! I love love love that you dressed up for this crafty project by getting a strawberry manicure! The other day I realized that my nails were painted the same color as my current knitting project…what fun! I love the strawberry but an orange or a kiwi would be fun, too. Pinning this tutorial for later 😉

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