How To Create A Painting With A Spoon

Hello friends! Let’s try a tiny canvas and I’m Painting with a Spoon instead of using a paintbrush! I’m so used to using a paintbrush this should be interesting!

I love acrylic paintings, especially an painting on canvas! Today I learned painting with a spoon creates this very rustic uneven texture that is so beautiful! Honestly, the spoon is a new way to move the paint and SO much fun. I hope you give it a try!

Painting without brush

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For today’s Painting with a Spoon tutorial I used a plastic spoon, but you can use a metal spoon too instead!

painting with a spoon supplies
  • A Canvas– In today’s tutorial I am using an 4 by 5 inch canvas
  • Paints: I’m using Deco Art Americana paints here in rainbow colors- well modern rainbow colors because I add in a pink as well
  • Texture Mediumyou’ll need to mix this into the paints to create texture on the canvas
  • A paint palette– to pour and mix all of your paints
  • A spoon! Plastic or regular, anything will work.
  • Sealer- optional, you can finish off your canvas with a layer of this water-based sealer or any other you have on hand.

Painting with a Spoon:

A step by step tutorial showing you how you can enjoy painting with a spoon!

1. Add the texture medium into your paint

Using your spoon, pick up your paint color and add it to your canvas. Add more texture medium than paint and mix them in on the canvas while spreading it across the top of the canvas.

painting with a spoon on a canvas using acrylic paints

2. Mix your colors with the spoon

I like to go back and add a bit more of my first color after mixing the second color onto the canvas. Here I just added the yellow, but I’ll go back and add a touch of green above it. This helps make the colors bolder and the ROYGVIB stands out when finished.

textured rainbow paint

3. Clean your spoon often

As you progress down the canvas and change colors, its a good idea to keep a paper towel or rag on the side to wipe down your spoon to prevent color contamination.

painting with acrylic paints

4. Don’t overmix the colors!

One of the toughest things for me with this technique was to stop mixing paint on the canvas. My tip- Add your new color of paint, mix it with 2 or 3 strokes, and stop. Just stop blending and move on to the next color. I found that was the right point to stop.

painting with a spoon using texture medium

5. The spoon creates these bumps and crates that are just so much fun!

rainbow canvas painting with a spoon

acrylic painting with a spoon

I love this idea of painting with a spoon! It is so different than a paintbrush and you can quickly lay a thick layer of paint and create interesting textures. I would highly recommend trying it out 🙂

Rainbow textured canvas art


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