How to Draw a Maple Leaf with Markers

Fall is in the air. Today, I’ll show you How to Draw a Maple Leaf Illustration step by step. Let’s capture those beautiful leaf colors in our sketchbooks!

Fall is in the air, and it is my favorite season of all. I love sharing Fall Craft ideas, and everything in nature is inspiring. Check out these Leaf Drawing Step By Step Tutorial, Fall Inspired Cake and 20+ Fall Leaves Images To Inspire You To Draw!

Maple Leaf Drawing

So pull out your markers or paints and create a Maple Leaf Drawing that is realistic along with me easily.

how to draw a maple leaf using alcohol markers

Maple Leaf Drawing video:

Watch the Maple Leaf Drawing video:

How to draw a Maple Leaf step by step

Reference Images can be found here: 7 Maple leaf photos: Colorful leaves of autumn

how to draw a colorful maple leaf

Step by step tutorial for a Maple Leaf Drawing Illustration

Total Time: 40 minutes

1. Draw the outline shape of your maple leaf.

Use a pencil or a light yellow marker and draw the leaf shape outline. The maple leaf shape is very identifiable so take your time to add tiny jagged line edges to make it more to draw a maple leaf

2. Add veins to the leaf shape using a darker orange color

Using a darker orange marker draw in the leaf vein.
Then start layering color onto the leaf- Add a medium orange shade unevenly around some of the veins. how to draw a maple leaf step by step

3. Add darker areas and bolder veins

Using a medium brown marker, add darker spots here and there. Make the center leaf vein and a few others bolder by going over with this brown color.maple leaf illustration

4. Flood the entire leaf with yellow

Now using one or two shades of yellow, fill in the entire leaf with color. Layer this color on top of all the orange and brown as well. diy maple leaf

5. Define the leaf outline and tips

Using a dark ochre or light brown marker, go over the leaf veins and all of the jagged edges of the leaf. Use a green marker to add a few darker areas.
leaf illustration

6. Add more orange and then those tiny details

Using an orange marker, color a few of the large areas and then blend all of the colors with a medium yellow color.
Using a tapping motion add small clusters of spots using the green, brown, and then orange markers. tombow ABT pro markers

And all done!

Finish off the illustration by using the brown marker to emphasize a few of the leaf tips and veins. notebook decoration ideashow to draw a maple leaf using alcohol markers

Supplies used

I’ve listed the art supplies I used for today’s Maple Leaf Drawing below

alcohol marker paper
  • Sketchbook: The pages have a smooth vellum finish that is great for blending alcohol marker colors. The sketchbook I used here is 9 by 12 inches in size.
  • Tombow ABT Pro Alcohol Markers: I love these Markers that allow for slow blending and shading. The Marker Color numbers have been shown in the above photograph. The colors P879, P127, P933, and P993 have been mainly used. The other lighter colors are great to have to create a soft blending.

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I thoroughly enjoyed bringing the vibrant of colors of autumn into my sketchbook! I live in Minnesota and Fall has the be the most beautiful season here. I loved capturing the essence of Fall/ Autumn with this Maple Leaf Drawing in my sketchbook. I hope you enjoyed this How To Draw a Maple Leaf Tutorial.

Watercolor leaves Smitha Katti

Thank you for stopping by today friend! I hope you stay and enjoy more tutorials on my blog. Happy Drawing!

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