DIY Scrunchies: how to make a scrunchie no sew EASY

Today I’m crafting with my daughter and we are playing with fabric to DIY Scrunchies that is Harry Potter-themed!

DIY Scrunchies at home

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DIY Scrunchies: How to Make a Scrunchie No Sew Easy Tutorial:

For our DIY Scrunchies, we used with this stack of HP-themed fabric, a few hair elastics and a pair of scissor.

How to make scrunchies at home

1. Cut your Fabric

We trimmed our fabric to be about 4.5 inches tall and 22 inches wide. The 22-inch width makes for a nice frilly scrunchie size. If you have lesser fabric, 18 inches wide would also work.

How much fabric for a scrunchy

2. Fold the fabric and glue

Starting at the bottom right corner, place your hair elastic and fold the fabric over. Then apply glue along the top edge and start gluing the fabric in place making sure you are not getting any glue onto the hair elastic!

We started this project using this Fabric glue, but that glue needed a good amount of drying time. So we switched to a hot glue gun instead, for faster results!

Scrunchies at home

Slowly glue the entire fabric edge to form a full circle. I found it best to apply glue in sections and taking your time to apply the glue in an even straight line.

DIY scrunchies

3. Turn it inside out

Once your glue has dried, using a chopstick, pencil, or a crochet hook, carefully turn the scrunchie inside out. Again, go slowly, making sure your seam is intact.

no sew DIY scrunchies

4. Carefully glue the seams shut

Once you have the scrunchie inside out, all you need to do is glue the two seams of the circle shut. Fold the edge of the fabric a bit and apply glue onto it, press to seal, and hold in place for a few seconds till the glue dries. (Sorry, my photo went blurry for this step!)

And voila! You can go on creating many more of your own DIY Scrunchies at home.

Harry potter themed Scrunchies

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What fabric should I use for Scrunchies?

A Scrunchie can be made from cotton, satin, or velvet fabrics. For your first DIY Scrunchies, I would definitely recommend using cotton fabric, as the fabric will glue in place easily.

How much fabric do I need for a Scrunchie? Can you use fat quarters to make scrunchies?

If you are at the store, you can buy a Fat Quarter of fabric that measures 18 by 22 inches. In one Fat Quarter, you will be able to cut and make 4 scrunchies.

How many scrunchies can I make from a yard of fabric?

From one yard of fabric, you will be able to make approximately 16 scrunchies

How do I make a fluffy Scrunchie?

A fluffy scrunchie has many frills, for that, you want to cut a wider fabric of at least 20 inches. Try using 22 inches or 25 inches.

Can you make Scrunchies without sewing?

Yes! My DIY Scrunchies are all no sew! Use this tacky fabric glue or a hot glue gun for best results.


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Scrunchies are all the rage these days, and I love it when a good 90s trend comes back into vogue. My daughter cannot get enough of these scrunchies we love how these themed ones turned out! When you learn how to Make a Scrunchie No Sew at home, you can make them as personalized as you need them to be. And for me, it was a fun crafternoon with my kid 🙂

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