Easy Owl Drawing in 4 steps + VIDEO TUTORIAL

I love drawing flowers, but today I was inspired to try drawing a few cute owls! Sharing an Easy Owl Drawing Tutorial with step-by-step instructions and Video. You’ll be amazed at what you can create!

I’ve previously shared a Mushroom Drawing Tutorial, How to Draw a Snowflake and Gnome Drawing Tutorial that you all loved. So I’m hoping this Easy Owl Drawing tutorial will make you pull out your pen and paper and start drawing right away!

easy owl drawing


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Practicing with simple line drawings is a great way to understand the shape of the different animals and birds and improve your skills

TIP: If you are unsure of the shapes to draw, start with a pencil and erase to your heart’s content before committing to the pen!

To draw this colorful Mushroom, I used Tombow Dual Brush Pens

  1. Starting with the eyes is a great option for Owls. Exaggerate the eyes, and make them huge.
  2. Add pointy ears, wings, and a body shape
  3. Color in the eye, add tiny flowers or a hat on top
  4. Draw scallops on the belly, and add a mouth and scrawny legs.
easy owl drawing


To draw this colorful Mushroom, I used Tombow Dual Brush Pens

  1. Start with a brown tree trunk, and add leaves. With a pink color draw the flowers
  2. Witha lighter pink Dual Brush Pen, draw the owl face shape, add a body with a scallop design
  3. Add a black eye, and add blue around it.
  4. Finish off the owl with more details as you chose!
easy owl drawing

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Owls are great to draw onto bookmarks, cards, or in your sketchbooks. You can make them as whimsical as you want to and have fun choosing cute colors to use.

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