Decorate Notebooks Easily with Dollar Tree Stickers!

Today I’m crafting with my kids and we are using Dollar Tree stickers and paper products! Does anyone else love Back to school time for all the new stationery supplies??

Our family loves stopping by our local store and checking out all of the Dollar Tree Craft Items and we were so excited to see so many new stickers!

Dollar Tree stickers

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Dollar Tree Stickers Youtube

Here is what we picked up for our craft session today: Glitter Papers, a Cork sheet, Duct Tape (that somehow didn’t take this pic) and lots of Dollar Tree stickers!

Dollar Tree Sticker

For this first notebook, adheres the glitter paper onto the notebook front. While adhering to the glitter paper, focus on aligning the edge along the binding edge and place it straight down. Make sure you have excess paper all around that you can trim off to create a neat cover. 

PS: This glitter paper is SO pretty! Soft to the touch and no stray glitter bits. There are 3 papers in one pack, and after we filmed the video we found out that the glitter paper actually comes with an adhesive sticker back 🙂

glitter paper notebook cover

For this second notebook, simply adhere the cork sheet onto the book front and then place a bold sticker on top! The cork sheet comes with an adhesive backing and all you need to do is peel and stick. Carefully trim the excess overhang 

TIP: While trimming the excess paper, if you find the sticky back gumming your scissors- try placing the protective sticker backing back into place and then cut. It will be less stickier!

cork covered notebook cover

For this third notebook, have fun with duct tape! This purple one is holographic and so pretty!! Cut a length of the duct tape that is slightly longer than the notebook and then place this first tape along the binding edge carefully. Take time to align it. Then place your next lengths of tape to fill the cover. Trim off the excess overhang or simply fold onto the inside of the notebook cover! Add an optional quote on top using Dollar Tree sticker Alphabets!

TIP: While sticking your alphabet stickers down for your quote, start with the middle word, middle alphabet!

duct tape covered notebook

dollar tree sticker books:

If you are a planner gal, there are SO many cute Dollar Tree Sticker books. Each of these books have about 250 stickers or more!

dollar tree Lets plan stickers


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Which of these was your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below! For me, just spending time with my kids with paper, glue, and stickers is the winner!

Cute Notebook Covers with Dollar Tree

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  1. SUPER CUTE notebooks, Smitha. I love the sparkle! Thanks for always joining in the Team Creative Crafts FUN. Creatively, Beth

  2. Love this idea! I’m going to have to grab some of these supplies for my kiddos! I’m sure they would love decorating their own!

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