DIY Fall Wreath Dollar Tree Easy Tutorial

Hello friends! Fall is in the air and today I’m quickly putting together a DIY Fall Wreath Dollar Tree for our front door! It was a fun craft to and I loved how it turned out!

Do you remember this Spring Dollar Tree Wreath I put together a few months ago? I made it entirely using my favorite Dollar Tree Craft Supplies. Today I simply pulled out the pink flowers and replaced them with leaves and pumpkins! It is a great way to repurpose what you have. Bonus, you don’t have a bunch of wreaths in your storage area. Check out more such DIY Wreath ideas here on my blog.

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DIY Fall Wreath Dollar Tree VIDEO!

Enjoy watching me make this Fall wreath in my Dollar Tree DIY Wreath YouTube video!

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Supplies I used:

Everything I used today came from Dollar Tree, particularly their Fall florals section. Here are the exact products I used- Bamboo Wreath, Hop Bush, Maple Bouquet, Berries, and a Pumpkin Decor. You’ll also need a wire cutter (I used this pair of scissors instead) and optionally a hot glue gun.

How to make dollar tree fall wreath:

Easy DIY dollar tree fall wreath idea!

Total Time: 20 minutes

1. Pick a wreath form, I’m reusing a Bamboo Wreath that I got at Dollar Tree here.
2. Choose 3 to 4 different leaves, berries, pumpkin bunches. Try to choose and limit your color scheme to be fall-themed and minimalistic.
3. Using a sharp pair of scissors or wire cutters, cut apart each bunch into single stalks.
4. Tuck each stalk under the jute thread that winds around the wreath form. Layer more stalks and disperse colors around evenly till it looks balanced and pretty!

DIY Fall Wreath Dollar Tree

Alternately, you can hot glue the stalks onto the wreath form too.


I love how this dollar tree fall wreath turned out! Just a pop of color against all the neutrals!

While decluttering our basement, I found this “hello” sign that I had bought a few years ago, and I hot glued it onto the wreath and it just added an extra wow factor! Also, it’s a fun way to say hi to your guests at your front door.

diy fall wreath dollar tree

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fall dollar tree wreath TIPS:

  • The florals, berries have a wire inside, which makes the stalks bendable. This makes it great for wreath making! I like to hold the scissor in my right (dominant) hand and then move the stalk back and forth till it falls off the bunch.
  • For the word in the center, spray paint a Paper Mache word easily to match your decor!
  • By not hot glueing your florals or leaves onto the wreath form, you create a DIY fall wreath dollar tree that can be reused season after season!

dollar tree fall wreath

Have you stopped by a Dollar Tree recently? Their new and expanded craft section is so good- I always find something new to grab while perusing the aisle. Everything is just $1 and so the guilt factor is 0. My kids have caught onto that- and keep asking me to get the new art stuff from the store!

Let me know in the comments below if you are also planning to make a wreath at home! I’d love to hear from you.

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