Glitter Wall Art + 5 Glitter Craft Ideas

I’m sharing 5 Easy Glitter Craft ideas like this simple Glitter Wall Art that are satisfying and sparkly! Great ideas for both kids and adults!

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What crafts can you do with glitter?

Glitter is such a versatile craft supply- you can use it to add sparkle to anything really! Mix it with glue to make sure the glitter will set properly.

Smitha Katti Valentines glitter

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5 easy glitter Craft ideas!

1. Glitter Wall Art Tutorial:

Pull out your paints and a canvas, we’re making an ampersand glitter wall art today that is all pink!


Supplies you will need:


1. Center your stencil over the canvas and tape it in place. Use tacky masking tape to hold the stencil in place. The tape ensures that the stencil will not shift mid-project. Apply pink acrylic paint.

2. Use a stencil brush to tap paint onto the stencil. Using a dry stencil brush (or stipple brush) is the best way to apply paint that won’t seep under the stencil. Don’t add water and use a simple tapping motion to apply the paint.

3. Apply the glitter paint on top using a palette knife. Since I wanted to add a generous amount the glitter galaxy paint, I chose to use a palette knife. You can use an old butter knife from your kitchen here too. Squirt a large amount of the glitter galaxy paint and smooth it over the stencil with the palette knife.

4. Remove the stencil while the paint is still wet. Lift up the stencil gently and carefully, in an upward motion, while the paint is still wet. Never let your stencil dry on the canvas with the paint. Then it becomes to cleanly lift off the stencil!

5. Clean up the edges with a small paintbrush: If you got a little seepage from the stencil, no worries I was also able to clean it up easily by painting white paint over it. Make sure to feather out your final strokes to blend it in with the canvas. Again, add no water at all and use a dry paintbrush for the best results.

2. How to make Glitter Cards

Make your event sparkly with these easy to make personalized Glitter Cards! All it takes is a good Glitter Craft session with friends!

glitter cards

Die cut multiple shapes of the ornamental frame from your cardstock. Trim each die cut into half. Keep aside. 

Trim and fold cardstock in half to make your place card. I used a 2.5 by 3.5 inch size here. Make sure that the die cut from above fits onto the place card. 

Apply your glue to the bottom and sides of the front of the card.

Sprinkle glitter and shake off the excess.

Hand letter your guest names onto the die cuts.

Adhere the die cuts onto the card front. Dust off all the excess loose glitter nicely before setting this aside to dry. 

While you have your supplies out make a bunch of these Glitter Cards!


3. Glitter Lettering ideas:

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Glitter card making, DIY thank you card

Hand letting with liquid glue is super fun! It might seem a little tricky to get the glue to move along your letters but once you try it it’s easy to figure out. Not to mention that pouring that glitter over the glue is so satisfying! The glue and glitter does dry flat and thats something to keep in mind.


You can also hand letter using Glitter drops that are basically like our good old puffy paints but filled with glitter. I love the dimension you are able to get with these. You just squeeze the bottle and letter with it as if it were a pen and the results are always amazing. Bonus, the glitter drops stay rounded and don’t go flat upon drying.

Here is another Glitter Lettering example using glue. This glue has a pen tip and it is great to hand letter with. I decorated this journal with a quick quote and love the way it turned out!

dream it believe it acheive it

You can make your Glitter Letters puffy and super dimensional like I did in this tutorial.

img 9124

4. Glitter Paintings

You can easily add Glitter to your Acrylic Paintings. This works beautifully especially to create a look of soft shiny snow. Watch this video to learn more

glitter paintings


  • Clean up your Glitter as you go! Use a Swiffer cloth to quickly pick up stray bits. We all know how Glitter likes to stick to everything it shouldn’t!
  • Burnish your glitter in place by placing a sheet of vellum on top and rubbing your palm all over it.
  • If you are weary of the glitter mess- try using Glitter Paint, Glitter paper or Glitter ribbon to get sparkly results without the mess!

Glitter Crafts Recap:


As a child, I remember vividly the joy of getting glue and glitter on my hands (and probably on everything around me!) and seeing the sparkle shine! Glitter Crafts are so easy and super satisfying be it for kids or adults. As a mom though, I am so vary of my kids Glitter everywhere- but I know that it is a necessary part of their childhood 😉

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