8 Handmade Mothers Day Cards Ideas

I think of all the holidays out there, Mother’s day is my favorite! It’s spring the air is fresh and the flowers are out. Here are a few of my favorite Handmade Mothers Day Cards.


handmade mothers day cards

1. Use die cut flowers and stickers

To make the card look interesting, try using different alphabets for each of the words. Here happy got the small stickers, mothers got bold alphas that I stitched over and I had wrote the word day

I used small stickers, floral cut outs, and alphabet thickers- all stuff left over from my scrapbooking kits to make these cards. Cards are such a small size, it’s a great way to use those paper scraps and bits.

handmade mothers day cards
Mother's Day Cards

2. Paint a Watercolor Floral card

Watch the Video Tutorial for this and Paint with me!

Floral mothers day card_Smitha_Katti4

3. Use Wood veneers patterned papers:

I love the wood veneers I added to these cards, they contrast so nicely against the shimmery alphabets. I mixed and matched different patterns and designs of paper and had so much fun!

happy mother's day
happy mother's day

4. Make a Statement Bow

My favorite card/tag! Add a huge felt bow or ribbon bow and use bright contrasting colors to make it pop! Sure to make someone smile.

momblue web

5. Add pearls to make a special card

Check out my Rolled Flowers tutorial

Make easy flowers with some patterned paper, by just spiral cutting the paper and rolling it into layers with some adhesive. Add a pearl in the center of each.

mothersday web
closeup1 web

6. Create small tags with lace and pearls

You can’t go wrong with lace and pearls, can you? Try adding these details to your cards to make them special!

momtags web

7. Add a silhouette of your mom

I love the black silhouette of this card! So simple and stunning. This would be a great one to make using an actual photo of your mom


8. New Mom Card idea

Make a cute Mother’s day card for a New mom. Draw or cut out a onesie shape and add a few buttons to it!

mothersday baby web

Before you leave, grab this printable card and have your kid coloring it in!

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  1. These are so pretty! I love your paper choices and the embellishment combo on the last is wonderful!

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