Beautiful Watercolor Quote Art Step-by-Step

Learn how to create this simple watercolor quote art and paint with me today!

This is one of my all-time favorite quotes and I’m using a Brush Pen to create effortless watercolor lettering and add easy watercolor pen flowers to make it special. Pull out your sketchbook and let’s create this watercolor quote art together today. Read below for the instructions, supplies, and tips.

Watercolor quote art smitha katti

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Watercolor quote art STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL:


Start by sketching your quote with a pencil. Then doodle some flowers around it making sure none of the words, flowers, or leaves are overlapping. This is an optional step but very helpful to center your sketch on the page

Using two to three colors start tracing your letters. Add at least two colors to form each letter. Work in batches of two or three words at the most here and quickly move onto the next step before the marker pigment dries onto the paper.


Dip your paintbrush into the water to slightly moisten. Do not pick up too much water onto the brush, you will risk dropping the water onto the sketch. Paint over the letters slowly mixing and blending the colors with the water. Go over each area once or twice only to retain the color variation. 


Repeat the first two steps to complete your entire quote. The slight color variation of the letters creates a very attractive looking quote. 


For the flowers, start by adding your marker color towards the center of the flower, where it would naturally tend to be darker. Work one flower at a time only and quickly head to the next step. 

Using your wet paintbrush, drag the marker pigment out to form a petal shape. This creates a natural lightening of the petal in one easy step. Feather the outer edges of the petals and make sure that no two petals look exactly the same. Try to leave a very thin white line between petals to prevent bleeding and pooling of color.


Working in this manner paint more flowers, watercolor leaves, and fillers. Add your leaves next to the flowers but with a tiny gap between them. Add tiny filler leaves and flowers and ensure you disperse your color evenly around the page.

Finish off your watercolor quote art with some tiny dot clusters around the page. This helps fill in any of the larger white gaps between flowers and leaves and also creates a layered look to your flower arrangement. Add contrasting color centers to each flower after the petals have dried to the touch.


More Watercolor Quote Art Ideas:

I love adding these easy flowers around a simple quote, enjoy the step by step WATERCOLOR QUOTE ART TUTORIAL video and paint along with me!


In this video, I show you how to paint loose watercolor florals around a quote and I love how the white contrasts with the pinks!

watercolor quote art

You don’t have to always paint flowers, in this Single Color Quote Art Tutorial, I paint watercolor leaves for a different look and feel.

smitha katti quote 1


  1. Create a watercolor swatch to better understand how the colors work. Read more here: Tombow Dual brush pen color chart with all 108 colors
  2. Choose the right paper to work on! Markers do not give that watercolor look on all papers. Learn more about the right papers here: What is a Brush Pen? What Papers to use
  3. Today I painted using the Direct to a paper method where I apply the marker color onto the paper itself. Explore the different ways How to use Watercolor markers

I hope this post was helpful for you and inspires you to paint a watercolor quote art of your own today. Please tag me on social media if you make this yourself, I would love to see what you created!

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