How To Make An Envelope Album or Book

Hello friends! Today I’m sharing a quick tutorial that will show you how to make an Envelope album or Envelope book in a few easy steps.

Making a book at home is easy, and I share many Book Binding Techniques that you can explore here on my blog. Today’s Envelope Book though is super simple to make, and all you need is a tape runner or glue to bring it together.

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What you will need:

You will need a stack of envelopes and a glue tape runner to make the Envelope album. You can choose how to decorate the album cover with any scrapbooking supplies you might have in your stash.

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In this Envelope Book Making quick 30-sec video, see how I assemble and decorate this cute Envelope Album.

Envelope Album Tutorial:

Quick tutorial showing you how to make an envelope album

Total Time: 15 minutes

Divide your envelopes into two equal stacks. I used 6 envelopes, split into two stacks of 3 each. I found that 6 to 10 envelopes were a good number. Arrange the envelopes so that all of the flaps are nested together.

Apply your tape runner along the envelope flap. You can also dampen the strip of envelope glue that comes with the envelope. Repeat this to glue together each stack of 3 envelopes.

Join both stacks of envelopes to form a book, by inserting the flap of one stack into the other stacks envelope pocket. Take time to make sure you have all the edges aligned straight.

Finally, add more tape to the flap that will be left at the back of the book. Press firmly to secure. how-to-make-an-envelope-album

And that’s it! You now have a simple album or booklet that has pockets in each page too! You can fill it up with stamps, stickers or anything else you want.

diy envelope book

Use any size of envelopes you have at home to assemble this album/book. All you need really are envelopes and Tombow adhesives. Decorate the cover of the album in whatever way you want and then use the page pockets to store cute items like stamps, notes, post, or stickers! Great craft for kids and moms for a fun crafternoon.

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