How to easily Hand Letter a Quote Wall Art VIDEO

Hello friends! Today I’m showing you how to take your hand lettering off of your sketchbook page to create a Quote Wall art that can be displayed anywhere! Read on, for the step by step tutorial + VIDEO

January has me sprucing up our house- decluttering shelves, moving furniture a bit, and bringing out new art for the wall. For my desk, I wanted a bold-lettered Quote on display, and today I’m quickly creating one for myself using my Brush Pens and a Brush Lettering Technique. I have just about an hour to make this, so let’s get started with this Quote Wall Art!

DIY quote wall art

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What I’m using:



Watch the Video: Quote Wall Art Tutorial

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Adding Super Thick Downstrokes:

When creating a Quote Wall Art piece you want your lettering to stand out and for this I like to use a Super Thick Downstrokes method.

By simply adding an extra downstroke to each of your letters, you can create this super thick downstroke that looks so dramatic!

brush letter vs super thick brush letters

Below you can see the comparison between regular brush lettering and the super thick lettering!

brush lettering

Grid Method of Drawing:

In this project, I’ve used the grid method to scale up my lettering design. Basically, you draw a small sketch of your drawing or lettering and then create a grid or squares on top of it. You could also use a grid or graph paper for this. Then you just recreate the grid on a larger scale which makes it easier to enlarge your drawing or lettering design by translating each square by square.

Quote Wall Art Tutorial:

Step by step tutorial showing you how to create a Quote Wall Art for your home.

Total Time: 45 minutes

First, you’ll need to choose a motivational quote or phrase. I chose to letter the words “Make your next good choice” today.

Next, on a scrap piece of paper, make a rough sketch of your quote. Figure out where you want to place your words, and whether you want an upper case or lower case alphabet. MONO graph pencil

Next, draw a grid on top of your pencilled in quote. Count the number of squares and then divide your large sheet of paper into the same number of squares as well. Use a light touch of the pencil that will be easily erasable later. grid method

Using the brush tip of your pen, slowly recreate your quote on the larger piece of paper. quote wall art tutorial

Make your letters stand out by adding a second downstroke like I showed above.bold brush lettering

Wait for your ink to dry completely before going in and erasing the pencil guidelines. make your next good choice

Pop your Quote Wall Art into a frame and enjoy! I love this Magnetic frame I got and plan to create more art to display in this frame 🙂quote wall art

I love how this Quote Wall Art turned out, especially the high contrast of the black against the white. What quote should I letter in this next? Leave a comment below and let’s chat more friends!

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