How to Make a Book at Home: Staple Binding!

Hello friends! Today I’ll show you How to make a book at home with a step by step video tutorial that uses Staple Binding. So pull out some paper and get ready to craft!

One of the easiest Book Binding methods is the Staple Binding where you need no glue or needle! I use a regular stapler to quickly bind these books. So let me show you how to make a book at home today!

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how to make a book at home

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Staple Binding Supplies:

Below, I have tried to list all of the craft supplies I pulled out to create this project. Affiliate links have been used. Which means that if you make a purchase I might earn a small commission. This money helps run and maintain this blog, thank you!

To make a book you’ll need:  A glass cutting mat, some sheets of paper, a stapler, a dish towel, a bone folder, a retractable or exact knife, a ruler and a sheet of cardstock.

HOW TO MAKE A BOOK Youtube video:

Click here to see my How to make a Book at Home. I share many DIY/Craft/Art projects on my YouTube channel that I do not add to my blog here 🙂

staple Binding tutorial:

To make these books today I used regular printer paper and a stapler that I have owned for year! I have seen a long reach stapler that is used for book making, but with my technique you don’t really need that.

So how to you staple a booklet with a normal stapler you ask?

The key to Staple Binding is that you make sure you use a glass mat underneath the papers. Then place something soft with a slight give- like a folded dish towel and press down firmly. This will always give great results!

You do not need to pierce holes or anything here- simple add staples in a straight line and be done.

staple binding

To trim the book edge, I use a ruler and an utility knife. I’d never tried this method before and boy was I amazed at how neat the result is! I am addicted to this technique now- so easy and so satisfying! Again, see it in action in the video here.

The final books measure about 4.25 by 5.5 inches in size, they are called an A6 sized book. This size is a cute size for a journal or notebook and perfect to carry around in your purse.


In my blog post last week, I showed 6 Simple and Easy ways to decorate a Notebook – these are quick ideas that I am sure you will enjoy! Some only need a pen!

Staple Binding is one of the best ways to make a bunch of books quickly. There is no time wasted piercing the papers or waiting for glue to dry! You simply cut the papers, staple, trim and be done. If you need to make a bunch of books or booklets for a presentation or as gifts this is a technique that will not fail you.

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