How To Paint Watercolor Circles: 3 Colorful VIDEOS!

Hello friends! Continuing my rainbow art series, with all things round today! I’ll show you how to paint colorful watercolor circles in 3 ways. These circles are super easy to paint and a great calming exercise in color. There are no hard rules and the technique is very forgiving 🙂


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Supplies I’ve used:

1: Tiny wonky Watercolor circles

Watch the video:

Painting wonky circles is the easiest! Paint these circles in a haphazard line, and simply fill the page. While filling an entire page with circles, the tiny circles are very satisfying to paint.

How to paint colorful watercolor circles WONKY

2: Watercolor Circles on the grid

Watch the video:

The grid method looks fascinating, but it takes an extra step of prep. Pull out your pencil and ruler and draw a grid of equal squares. Erase your lines lightly before staring to paint. Then apply your paint and create circles, letting adjacent colors bleed to create unique interesting bits.

How to paint colorful watercolor circles GRID

3: Overlapping Watercolor Circles

Watch the video:

Overlapping circles are exciting to paint, because you don’t really know what colors you will create by the overlapping!

How to paint colorful watercolor circles OVERLAPPING

You can use any watercolor set or watercolor brush pens that you own for these exercises. Even your kid’s watercolors will work for these! Try using a heavy mixed media or watercolor paper that can withstand some water on it. This will prevent your paper from warping.

How to paint colorful watercolor circles

Step by step tutorial showing you how to paint overlapping colorful watercolor circles

Total Time: 20 minutes

Step 1:

To paint the circles, the easiest way I’ve found is to lay color to where you want the center of the circle to be.

Step 2:

Wet your paintbrush, and then use your paintbrush tip to slowly drag your color out into a circular outline.

Step 3:

Then fill your circle entirely with color and if needed add a little water too. Let this air dry naturally and repeat.painting-circle-3

All done!


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Tips and Tricks:

  • While overlapping circles, make sure that your first circle is dry before you lay your second color on top. Else, your colors will mix too much and the circle shape will be lost.
  • For the grid of circles, the color bleeds are the best part! They are unexpected, can’t be manipulated, and give a wonderful gradient look across the page. For this, I found that going back and dampening the previous few circles with just water, created better color meets.
  • For the tiny wonky circles, I like to go back and paint with water all the white spaces left between the circles. The water will reactivate the marker color slightly and mix to form a soft color that fills the page.

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