One Skein Crochet Scarf Easy

Learn how to crochet this easy colorful One Skein Crochet scarf with FREE pattern! A quick, beginner level project that is portable and easily finished in one weekend. Makes a great gift!

I love simple Knit or Crochet projects, and today I am sharing a One Skein Crochet scarf that is repetitive and easy to memorize. This makes a great summer project, in fact, I started this on our recent camping trip and enjoyed making it. Since this scarf pattern is so easy, you can easily make a bunch of these as a great handmade gift idea. I hope you enjoy this pattern.

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One skein Crochet Scarf

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The pattern of this one skein crochet scarf is super simple and easily adaptable to what you have at home and how you want your scarf to look. Need this to be a quicker project? Switch to a Double crochet stitch to speed it up. Need to make this less lacy, switch to single crochet to minimize the hole spaces. I’ve listed a few different options and pattern variations at the bottom of this post for you!


The yarn I’ve used is the Mandala Tweed Stripes, in the “Knock on Wood” color. I love the unique colorways of this yarn and have also bought a couple more colors since they are all so pretty! One skein of yarn has 496 yards of length or 390m. Yarn Substitute options have been listed towards the bottom of this post.

I used a size I, 5.5 mm hook that my yarn called for. I always try using an ergonomic hook (much easier on your wrists!) or a bamboo hook. This entire set of ergonomic hooks was a birthday splurge for me and it was totally worth the money!

mandala tweed stripes scarf pattern


You start by chaining 16 (13+3).

Foundation Row: 2hdc into fourth chain, *leave one chain, 2hdc into next chain* to end. (You should have 7 clusters of 2hdcs)

half double crochet scarf pattern

And then follow this below line of pattern again and again till you have created a scarf length that you want (or run out of yarn!)

Pattern Row: ch 3, *2hdc in chain 1 space below, ch1* repeat till end, 2hdc in ch 3 space below. Turn. Repeat. (You should have 7 clusters of 2hdcs)

easy scarf pattern

The half double crochets create a beautiful texture!

one skein scarf pattern free



And my scarf is all done! This one took me about 2 to 3 days to crochet on and off, so let’s call it a weekend project. It’s super lightweight and easy to carry around to a cabin, game or car ride. It’s easy to crochet and works up very quickly.

One skein crochet scarf


The best part of this One Skein Crochet Scarf for me is the variegated yarn!! I love that this is just one skein of yarn- you never get bored because the color keeps changing!

one skein quick scarf idea

The finished scarf is approximately 5 inches wide and 106 inches long. It is skinny-ish, super light and airy! The colors make it perfect to match so many outfits!

mandala tweed stripes

In fact, I didn’t use the entire skein of yarn! I stopped at 106 inches, because I’m just 5 ft 2inches tall and this pretty long for me. You could easily get another 6 to 10 inches more with the yarn left over (seen below)

mandala tweed stripes yarn

One skein crochet scarf NOTES:

  1. This scarf would look beautiful with a solid color yarn! You could also make is colorful by using up your stash. The pattern calls for a worsted medium 4 thickness yarn, so I’m sure you all have some leftovers in your stash.
  2. If you are beginner, this is a super friendly pattern that is very forgiving. Keep counting ever so often to see if you have all of the 7 hdc clusters.
  3. The most common mistake- is to forget that 2hdc cluster in the turning ch3 space. Make sure you aren’t dropping stitches and are maintaining a rectangle shape!
  4. If you need to make quick over night gift for someone, switch to taller stitch- like this double treble crochet! Pattern below

Need to make a wider scarf?

For an approximately 8 inches wide scarf, start with a 19+3 ch instead and follow the One Skein Crochet Scarf tutorial above

For an approximately 6 inches wide scarf, start with a 15+3 ch instead and follow the pattern

Need to make it quicker?

Ch 13+ 3

Foundation Row: 2dc into the fourth chain, *leave one chain, 2dc into next chain* to end. (You should have 7 clusters of 2dcs)

Pattern Row: ch 3, *2dc in chain 1 space below, ch1* repeat till the end, 2dc in ch 3 space below. Turn. Repeat.

mandala tweed stripes crochet pattern

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Any 4 Medium weight will work for this easy One Skein Crochet Scarf. The yarn skein I used was 426 yards or 390 m long. Here are some other variegated yarns that would look beautiful as this scarf:


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  1. When your pattern starts you do not list a ch1 after the 2hdc in the foundation chain, but you say to make the 2hdc in a ch1 space in the repeating row. Should there be a ch1 in the foundation row?

  2. a quick and easy pattern for charity donations, thanks for taking the time and sharing it♥

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