Fish Drawing Tutorial: Easy Step by Step Video

If you’re looking to improve your fish drawing skills, there are many techniques you can try to create stunning illustrations. Using just a pen here are three fun and creative ways to enhance your fish drawing abilities!

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Fish Drawing Tutorials Step by Step

Fish Drawing Step by Step

You can choose to add color or just use a pen to draw these fish. Today I will show you how to draw a clownfish, goldfish and a betta fish.

Fish Drawing STep by step Tutorial

How to Draw Clown Fish

The clownfish is very identifiable by its bright orange and white stripes. Start by drawing a fish shape outline, and then add fins to it on either side. Add an eye and the bold stripe pattern. Finish off with a black stripe towards the outer edge of the fins. If you wish to use color, add orange to the wide stripes.

TIP: Always draw your fish at on angle either going upward or downward, to show movement.

How to draw a clown fish step by step

How to Draw a GoldFish

Start with the face and a small circle for the eye. Add a body and a fin below. Draw more fins and wavy tails. Add lines to along the direction of the tails and scales to the body.

TIP: Make the tail super wavy as the tail is transparent and thin and moves a lot.

how to draw a goldfish step by step

How To Draw Betta Fish

Start by drawing the body shape with a circle shape for the eye. Add a tail on top and detailing along the body. Add more fins making them large, wavy and dramatic. Add lines along the fins and scales to the body. If coloring use a blue, purple and red/maroon colorway.

how to draw betta fish step by step

Supplies used:

Fish Drawing with Quote


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drawing a simple fish Youtube Video:

Below is a Sketchbook page Video drawing a simple fish 3 ways. I had so much fun drawing the fish and coloring them!

In conclusion, a Fish Drawing can be as detailed as you want to make them or as simple as a few lines. Always show your fish to be at an angle because fish are swimming at all times and scales to the body to make them look realistic. There are so many different kinds of fish, you will never run out of inspiration.

Fish Drawing References

Below are the images used as reference for my Fish Drawings.

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