Fall Inspired Cake

A Fall inspired cake with yellow buttercream leaves and beautiful flowers!

Autumn inspired cake

Earlier last week I baked a cake for my daughter’s school event. I had volunteered to bake a chocolate cake and had planned a basic chocolate-on-chocolate cake, but all the beautiful fall photography of October made me think of this Fall inspired cake instead.

Supplies I used: One Chocolate Cake Mix Box, One Chocolate frosting container,Food ColoringOffset Spatula, Ziploc bags or piping bags, and Icing Tips- Rose petal tip + Leaf tip.

chocolate cake

I have been watching tons of cake-decorating videos on Youtube and have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to this. I love Vanessa from Cake Style for flower-themed cakes- she makes a simple buttercream flower look amazing! I followed her Ranunculus tutorial to make these flowers.

pink frosting flowers

For the frosting flowers, I used a homemade buttercream recipe and then colored that into 4 colors- 2 shades of pink, a green shade, and a rich ochre color. I piped the buttercream roses using Wiltons Tip #101 and then refrigerated the flowers overnight.


yellow leaves frosting

I similarly piped the leaves and refrigerated those as well. 

The next day I arranged all of the buttercream flowers and buttercream leaves onto the cake using some of the chocolate frosting. I loved the way this cake turned out! This Fall inspired cake is pretty similar to the Spring inspired cake I baked earlier this year, just different in color.

Fall inspired Cake

ranunculus cake

pink frosting flowers

frosting flowers


See more cake-decorating ideas on my Pinterest board by clicking the follow button below! Follow Smitha Katti’s board Cake Decorating Ideas on Pinterest.

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    • I watched at least 50 videos of hers before even thinking of buying piping tips for the flowers. You can do it too!

  1. What a beautiful fall-inspired cake! The yellow buttercream leaves and beautiful flowers are so pretty. The cake looks delicious and I bet it was a lot of fun to make. Thanks for sharing!

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