How to sew a colorful quilt with Triangles

Using a die-cut machine makes it SO easy to put together a quilt with triangles- because each and every triangle is cut perfectly!

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Die cutting fabric makes these triangles SO easy! I used my sewing machine already this year to make face masks, but today’s rainbow triangle quilt was so much more fun to make!

quilt with triangles

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Supplies you will need:


During this pandemic, I’ve painted a lot of rainbows and that is reflected in my color choice for today. I chose a rainbow of fabric quarters and challenged myself to try something I hadn’t before. To sew triangles together to form a colorful Rainbow Triangle Quilt top. I enjoyed the satisfaction of putting together a triangle quilt- something I never had before and here’s how I made it.

How to sew a quilt with triangles

Fold your fabric quarter into thirds and then fold it in half twice on the opposite direction. You will be able to die cut 12 perfect equilateral triangles from this in just 4 passes through the Crossover 2 Die Cutting machine. With my cotton fabric I was able to cut 3 to 5 layers of fabric at once.


The most important thing to keep in mind while die cutting fabric is that you use the metal adapter plate in your die cutting sandwich. That does all the work for you.

New to Die Cutting Fabric? Read more about it here

die cutting for a quilt

Since you fold and die cut the fabric, you will be left with a fabric cut out that still has use! No fabric scraps here. I found that the two smaller size triangles would easily fit in the leftover space.


Similarly die cut triangles from a neutral colored fabric like white or beige.

TIP: Try sewing a few test triangles on scrap fabric till you get it right. Or keep a seam ripper close by!

rainbow triangle die cuts

To sew the triangles together- arrange the die cuts as seen in the image below. The slight notch that you see instead of a triangle point needs to be in opposite directions. Using your sewing machine, join the triangles with a 1/4th inch seam.

TIP: It’s super important to maintain that little space beneath each triangle point. That is your seam allowance to join the rainbow rows together.


I went in rainbow order and alternated one color with with cream fabric to create each row. You can choose to either line up or stagger your triangles will attaching the rows of triangles together.

joining triangles for a quilt

And you repeat this. For all of the colors you want. This would make a great ombré quilt as well!

A beautiful triangle quilt needs a little bit of precision in the cutting of fabric. By using a die-cut machine for my fabric cutting, I got precise triangles ready to be sewn together in a few easy steps.

Here is my finished Rainbow Triangle Quilt top! Not all of the triangles are perfect but most of them are close. I love how the rainbow colors pop in contrast with the cream and the triangle shape adds such a modern colorful vibe.

triangle quilt front smitha katti

I need to find a nice colorful pattern for the back of the quilt and then will either hand quilt or tie off the quilt to finish it. You can see how I like to usually finish off my quilts in this previous blog post here.

So far during the 2020 pandemic quarantine – I have painted 100 rainbows, sewn face masks at home, started and finished a Paint by numbers kit, sewn triangles together, and set up a bullet journal for the new year. Keeping myself creatively challenged and busy has been a lifesaver during these unprecedented time

So that’s it for today friends! I thoroughly enjoyed putting this Triangle Quilt together and am so happy I dusted off my sewing machine.

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