Rainbow Floral Watercolor Tutorial: 10+ colorful examples to inspire you!

rainbow floral watercolor

Welcome back to my Rainbow Series friends! In today’s tutorial, you will learn how to paint a rainbow floral watercolor in your sketchbook! These loose florals are easy and fun to paint!

using tombow dual brush pens for watercoloring

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How to create a Rainbow Floral Watercolor

Learn how to paint a Rainbow Floral Watercolor spread in your sketchbook!

Total Time: 30 minutes

Start with a Sketch

Using a 2H pencil or mechanical pencil, loosely sketch out the floral and leaves on the page. This will help with the placement of the elements while painting.

Apply Masking Tape

Mask off the four edges of the sketchbook with a good quality masking tape. This will create a neat white edge around our finished painting.

Apply Marker colors directly onto the paper

I like starting with a flower, and usually, it’s a pink flower 🙂
Apply the marker color directly onto the paper. First, add a darker pink color towards the base of each petal and then a lighter pink near the outer edges of the petalsUsing Tombow Dual Brush pens to watercolor

Blend the colors softly with water

Using a paintbrush that is damp with water, first paint over the lighter pink area of ALL the petals. Then start painting over the dark pink areas slowly. Let your paintbrush strokes pull the colors to just meet. The dark and light pink colors will blend softly. simple watercolor florals with Tombows

Work on the next flower, then leaf

Continue in this manner, painting one flower or leaf at a time. Remember to leave time for adjacent elements to dry- or else the colors will bleed into each other. How to paint florals in your sketchbook

Vary the shapes of your leaves and flowers

Paint different shapes of petals, make some flowers larger some smaller. Vary the greens you use for the leaves- maybe add some blue to a few of the leaves to change the color. loose rainbow watercolors

Add the rainbow background

The masking tape comes really handy here. Start by applying your marker color along the masking tape edge- going in the ROYGVIB order. Then using your paintbrush, paint the area around the flowers and leave with JUST WATER! Slowly drag the marker color into the water and mix. Blend the colors of the rainbow as you go.rainbow watercolor flowers

Peel off the masking tape

Peel off the masking tape to reveal those crisp white areasrainbow flower watercolor tutorial

All done!

I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorials friends! Let me know in the comments below what you think 🙂

rainbow floral watercolor using watercolor pens


a garden of rainbow floral watercolor
rainbow floral wash

In this Rainbow floral watercolor example I used the Camel Artist’s Watercolor cakes, watch the video here

camel camlin watercolor floral
rainbow florals loose
loose rainbow florals
messy floral painting with tombow dual brush pens
rainbow wildflower
rainbow florals smitha katti


tiny rainbow florals


What should I do if the pencil marks from the initial sketch show through after painting?

After the painting dries completely, then go in with a good eraser and erase all the pencil marks showing through. You can easily erase the lines showing through after the paint dries.rainbow watercolor florals

Any tips for peeling masking tape?

I recommend peeling the tape while the paint is slightly damp and not completely dried. If you let the paint dry completely, there are more chances of the paint or paper peeling along with the tape.
If you masking tape is too sticky, try placing your tape on your clothing for a minute to remove part of the stickiness.

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