How to use a Glue Pen in Watercoloring

Learn how to create a glue pen resist onto any watercolor painting! A quick and easy mixed media technique that has so many fun options! A must-try.

I’d recommend this this MONO Glue pen by Tombow.

glue pen resist

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What is a glue pen?

A Glue pen is basically a pen with liquid glue inside instead of ink. You write with the pen and glue comes out instead of colored ink. No squeezing is required and you can apply the smallest amount of glue precisely!

I use my Glue Pen to make resist patterns while watercoloring! This is such an easy technique that wows!

using a glue pen to resist watercolor

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glue pen resist step by step

The Glue pen is great to use in watercolor techniques, as you can draw with the glue and then paint over it with watercolors to reveal the hidden pattern behind.

Step by step tutorial showing you how to create a glue pen resist for your rainbow watercolor wash!

Total Time: 15 minutes

1. Draw your design with the glue pen

On a blank sheet of watercolor paper, doodle or draw your resist design using the glue pen. This pen has a clear glue for ink and the design you draw won’t be easily visible unless you tilt your paper to the light. Let this glue dry for a few minutes, it shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes. using a glue pen to resist watercolor

2. Paint with your watercolors

Paint with your watercolors on top of the dried glue design. Add any kind of watercolor on top. You don’t have to make it a rainbow, but the rainbow is super fun to paint 🙂 rainbow watercolor resist

3. Let the watercoloring dry to reveal the resist

glue pen resist

Let the watercoloring dry to reveal the resist

supplies used:

Glue pen resist VIDEO tutorial:

Watch the video:

MORE ideas:

1. Create stars in a Watercolor Galaxy

Use your Glue Pen to draw stars, shimmer and diamond shapes into your galaxy paintings!

2. Doodle with the pen and watercolor over it

You can draw any pattern/ doodle onto a piece of paper and then paint over it with your watercolors!

3. Use it with a Stencil

Trace your stencil pattern with the glue pen to create a repetitive pattern!

4. Draw Stars into your lettering

Watch the Lettering with stars Video

Create a glue pen resist design under your lettering! Watch the video for this here.

More Watercolor Resists:

What can I glue using the Glue pen?

This pen is perfect to use when you need to glue teenie tiny small things- think sequins, enamel dots or small bits of paper. The glue is a clear liquid and dries invisible.

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conclusion + tip

glue pen resist

Tilt your paper to the light to see the glue on paper. It is not easily visible- and you might even think your pen is not working at all- but the glue does come onto the paper. You just have to see it in the right light.

I enjoy creating watercolor resist patterns and this glue pen does not disappoint!

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