How to Make Rolled Flowers

I love making flowers, and today let’s add a little dimension with a floral touch with these easy-to-make Rolled Flowers! You can use these flowers to decorate a card, bookmark, scrapbook layout, or a headband too!

This is an easy Paper craft idea but can also be a felt craft. You just need a little bit of felt and some glue to make these cute flowers!

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How to make these Rolled Flowers:

Here is a step by step breakdown of how to make these Rolled Flowers

  • Cut a long strip of felt, and have it taper towards the bottom.
  • Use a large Glue Dot as your base, and roll the strip into a flower shape. I like to start at the outside of the glue dot and work towards the center.
  • Pierce a small brad into the center.
  • When you are ready to use your Rolled Flower, peel off the backing sheet of the glue, fold the brad closed and adhere the flower onto where ever you want to use it!
rolled flowers

These flowers can be made without the glue dot too, you can use just the brad or any other glues you have.

I always make rolled flowers like these with my scraps- be it paper, felt, fabric, tissue or even lace. Each of them turns out to be different looking and unique!


You can use these felt rolled flowers to decorate notebooks or journals

step4 width579

Rolled Flowers with Paper:

I love making these flowers with leftover scrapbooking papers- no paper needs to go to waste!

For best results, try dampening your left over patterned paper scraps with a mist of water and then rolling the paper into a flower shape. They turn out super pretty and can be used to decorate cards!


I love adding little rolled flowers onto my scrapbook layouts! They just look so pretty 🙂


To make even more dramatic rolled flowers, try using a scalloped edged felt

feltflwoers_web copy

I have a small bowl full of these random flowers on my craft table. I feel a girl can never have too many…

Look how lovely they look on this card!



What are some of your favorite flowers to make? Have you tried any other tutorial here on Smiling Colors? Leave a comment below and let’s chat!

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