5 Tulip Drawing Ideas That Are Easy and Beautiful!

Spring is in the air, and today let’s explore 4 easy Tulip Drawing ideas in our sketchbooks. The Tulip has a unique shape that is easy to draw!

Last year I tried to Paint Beautiful Tulips in Watercolor and it was so relaxing and perfect for spring! But if you prefer putting pen to paper instead, you will love this Simple Flower Drawing That Anyone Can Draw! I will also share a list of more flowers at the bottom of this blog post for you to explore and enjoy drawing.

tulip drawing ideas

5 Tulip Drawing Ideas For You To Try

How Do You Draw A Tulip Bud?

  1. To draw a tulip bud, start by drawing a teardrop like shape. This will form our first petal
  2. Next to the first petal, add a curve. This will form out second petal that is hidden underneath the first
  3. Add a small notch under the bud and draw a long slightly wavy line underneath it to form the stem
  4. Now draw a leaf onto the stem- this leaf is long and skinny and will easily make the tulip identifiable.
tulip bulb drawing

Simple Tulip Line Drawing

Now let’s draw a small tulip flower, a partially opened tight flower

  1. Start with the first petal, draw a pointy shape but at an angle
  2. Add a second petal next to the first at an opposite angle. Then draw a small curve on the top to form the third petal and close the flower
  3. Add a small notch to the bottom of the flower and a long line as the stem
  4. Finish off your tulip drawing with a leaf


How Do You Draw An Easy Tulip?

Here is another Tulip Drawing Idea, this one is more of an open flower.

  1. Draw your first petal at an angle, but make it a little more rectangle like vs teardrop shape. Add a slight unevenness (or scallop) to the top edge of the petal. Draw another partial petal beside the first petal
  2. Add three more partial petals with jagged edges on the top
  3. Add a notch to the bottom of the flower and a long stem
  4. Finish off the tulip drawing with two symmetrical leaves with an exaggerated pointy tip

Tulip Garden Drawing Easy

  1. Draw an open tulip flower first
  2. Beside it, add a tulip bud
  3. Add a partially opened tulip flower next to it
  4. Color it all in. To make a Tulip Garden, simply repeat these three steps to fill edge of a page
tulip drawing ideas step by step tutorial
use your tulips to kiss winter goodbye

How Do You Draw A Tulip In A Vase?

  1. Draw a simple vase shape
  2. Start drawing tulip flowers, each one on a stem of its own and each one bending in slightly different angles and directions.
  3. Add more flowers, some taller and some smaller. This variation will give your flower composition movement
  4. Draw leaf shapes around the flowers and in between to fill up any blank spaces
tulip drawing in vase

Drawing tulips is a Creative Bullet Journal Page Idea that is perfect for spring!

tulip drawing in journal

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Tulip drawing ideas

I hope you enjoyed today’s Tulip Drawing Ideas and are inspired to draw something of your own. All of these Tulip Drawing Ideas are simple, easy and all you need are a pen and paper! Happy Drawing!

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  1. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful talent! I have been an amateur artist for many years, but I enjoy your tutorials so much for new ideas and ways to use them!

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