How To Make A Flower Wreath With Paper

Looking for a unique and budget-friendly decoration? Follow this tutorial to make a stunning flower wreath with paper that will add a touch of spring to your front door

I love finding easy DIY wreath ideas to decorate our front door that is unique and made with love. Check out this dollar store diy spring wreath that was so inexpensive to make, and this felt flowers wreath tutorial that used luxurious felt!

flower wreath with paper

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How To Make A Flower Wreath With Paper

1. Choose Your Paper and Cut Out Scalloped Circles

For my flowers, I chose soft pastel-colored patterned papers and cut out scalloped circles in different sizes using my Die Cutting Machine

How To Make A Flower Wreath With Paper. step 1

2. Shape And Curl The Petals

After cutting out all of your flowers, it’s time to shape and curl them to give them dimension and a more realistic look. To do this, I used a metal ball tool that easily curves the paper. You place your paper on top of a foam block (that comes with the tool) and then gently roll the metal ball in the center of the paper to add easy and quick dimension.

How To Make A Flower Wreath With Paper. step 2

3. Assemble and Glue The Flowers

Using a liquid or tape adhesive, layer and glue the flowers together. The paper crinkles so nicely and adds great dimension!

How To Make A Flower Wreath With Paper. step 3

4. Cut Lots of Leaf Shapes From Paper

Even though we are creating a flower wreath with paper today, I always cut a bunch of leaves as well. The leaves not only add a contrasting green/blue tone to the wreath, they are also great to layer underneath the flower and cover and open spaces.

How To Make A Flower Wreath With Paper. step 4

5. Assemble Onto The Wreath Base

You can use a variety of materials for the base, such as a foam wreath form, a wire wreath frame, or like I am doing today a cardboard cutout. Choose a size and shape that suits your preference and the occasion.

Start arranging your flowers and leaves, layering them, and distributing colors without adhering anything down at first.

How To Make A Flower Wreath With Paper. step 5

6. Attach All The Flowers And Leaves To The Base

Apply a small amount of glue to the bottom of each leaf and flower. Then, carefully press down to adhere to the base. Continue adhering until the entire base is covered. Add a satin ribbon bow at the top to hang the finished wreath.

How To Make A Flower Wreath With Paper. step 6

Once all the petals are in place, allow the glue to dry completely before hanging or displaying your stunning paper wreath.

How To Make A Flower Wreath With Paper. step 7

I love how this wreath turned out, so colorful and easy to make!


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