How to Paint a Lemon Easy

Today I’m pulling out my sketchbook and let’s paint a lemon with watercolors together!

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How to Paint a Lemon Background VIDEO:

Enjoy the Video:


Step 1: Start with a rough pencil sketch. My pencil sketch is drawn with a mechanical pencil. This is totally optional but very helpful. You can easily erase and reposition elements.


Step 2: Add the Brush pen color directly onto the paper and then quickly paint over it with a wet paintbrush. These pens are water-based and blend nicely to create a soft watercolor look. But you want to make sure to use the right paper- this is a Canson Mixed-Media sketchbook. You will also want to work in small areas. Like one small flower at a time or a few leaves at a time to avoid the marker drying on the paper.

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When you paint a lemon- always use a yellow and a darker tone like an orange or ochre.

tombow citrus

Step 3: Repeat the same two steps over and over again-  add the marker color onto the paper then use your wet paintbrush to drag that color out to form a loose petal shape or leaf. Once you get the hang of it, this technique is so much fun! You will want to paint more and more.


Step 4: Once your sketch has COMPLETELY dried, you can go in and erase the pencil marks remaining on the paper with a MONO eraser of choice.

erase pencil marks under tombow watercoloring
paint a lemon

How to paint a lemon TIPS:

  • If you are not using the Tombow Citrus pack, try limiting yourself to just a handful of colors. I find that by limiting my color choices I push my creativity.
  • Start your painting session by creating a quick color swatch of the markers you plan to use. This a great way to learn how your colors will mix. You might find this previous post of mine useful: Tombow Dual brush pen color chart with all 108 colors
  • To create a loose and messy watercolor look, hold your paintbrush loosely between your fingers while painting. Do not grip it tightly like a marker or pen.
  • To prevent color bleeds, leave a tiny white gap between your elements- like the lemon, flower, leaves, etc

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