Spring Dollar Tree Wreath

Hello friends! Spring is in the air and today I’m making a super simple Dollar Tree Wreath for our front door. The supplies are so inexpensive, but the end result will wow you!

Don’t miss my Top 10 Dollar Tree Craft Items! list. There are so many good crafting supplies that store is carrying these days. For today’s Dollar Tree Wreath, I pulled out my hot glue gun to adhere the flowers but I realized I was able to affix the flowers into the wreath without glue which makes the flowers changeable! It is super easy and you’ll have to see the video below and let me know what you think of it!

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Dollar tree wreath

How to make the Dollar Tree Wreath

To make this wreath I used one Bamboo Wreath form, one bunch of Dahlias, one bunch of Carnations, and one bunch of German Statice (the white flowers).

You want to first cut apart each flower from the bunch it comes in.

The flower stalks are made of a green plastic material but have a wire inside the plastic. The wire is what makes the stalks bendable which is great for wreath making. But it does make it a little tougher to cut the flowers apart.

Use a good wire cutter if you have one. I was able to use this Micro Tip Scissors and do the job.

Dollar tree florals

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Dollar tree wreath making VIDEO!

Enjoy watching me make this pretty in pink Dollar Tree Wreath in my DIY Spring Wreath YouTube video! I do not use any hot glue, or glue of any kind at all! Super easy to assemble.

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Have you stopped by a Dollar Tree recently? Their new and expanded craft section is so good- I always find something new to grab while perusing the aisle. Everything is just $1 and so the guilt factor is 0. My kids have caught onto that- and keep asking me to get them new art stuff from the store!

There are so many different floral options available at the Dollar Tree, you will not be disappointed. The ferns and berries are also amazing! The quality may not be top notch but they look pretty and do the job well.

I have a bunch of yellow florals and I’m planning to make a Summer version of this Dollar Tree Wreath next!

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Let me know in the comments below if you are also planning to make a wreath at home! I’d love to hear from you.

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