Clay Diya Tutorial: Easy 10 Minute Kid Friendly Craft!

Today I’m sharing an easy Clay Diya Tutorial that is and easy, kid friendly craft that is perfect for Diwali!

Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights and to celebrate it we light lamps all around our house

diwali clay diyas

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Supplies you will need:

To make your Clay Diya you can choose between Air Dry Clay or Model Magic. The Air dry clay creates more of a Traditional Clay Diya design. The Model Magic clay creates more of a Modern Clay Diya design, and is lighter in weight once dried as well.

To decorate your Diyas, you can use gems, paints, pearls or even dimensional paints to add texture.

clay diya supplies

Clay Diya Lamp TUTORIAL 🪔

To make your diya, grab a ball of clay that is about the size of a lime or golf ball. Knead it well in your hands.

clay diya tutorial
  1. Roll the ball of Air Dry Clay and using your thumb create an indent in the center. 
  2. Then press evenly all around to make a small bowl. 
  3. Pinch to create a pointed tip that makes the traditional Diya shape. 
  4. You can decorate your Diya simply by drawing lines using a toothpick or you can use paints, pearls or tiny mirrors too! Be creative 🙂
how to make clay diyas at home step by step

Let the Diyas dry overnight, I like to place them on a paper towel or paper plate to allow them to dry evenly.

clay diya easy


For crafting with my kids, I switched out the Air dry clay with Model Magic instead. The Model Magic comes in so many colors, the kids love it! Also, the Model magic is easier for kids to use and mold, it doesn’t stain the hands as much as the air dry clay does.

My kids and I crafted to create a rainbow of colorful of Diyas to decorate our home. We added dots of glue to adhere sparkling gems to each Diya.

If you are using Model Magic Clay the diyas might take 36 to 72 hours to harden depending on the weather where you are.

Light up your lamps easily with a sparkly Tea light t

clay diya craft with kids

Watch the Clay Diya video:

The Rainbow Clay Diyas turned out super cute, both my girls loved this craft and I loved decorating our home for Diwali. I wish you all a Happy Diwali and I hope you celebrate the victory of light over darkness with your family and friends!

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