How To Make A Lettered Sign: Writing On Wood

Hello friends! Let me show you how easy it is to use just a pen while writing on wood! I love how this simple lettered sign turned out.

It’s Christmas Craft time, the perfect time to make a DIY lettered sign by simply using a pen and writing on wood signs.

DIY hand lettered wood sign

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Supplies you will need to make this Lettered Sign:

DIY hand lettered wood sign how to transfer words
  • WOODEN PLANK OR SIGN: A ready to hang sign and here are a few great choices.
  • TRANSFER PAPER: A transfer paper makes transferring the design onto the wood a breeze. The one I use in the video is this graphite-based one, so any wrong marks are easily erasable!
  • OIL-BASED MARKER: An oil-based marker- like my favorite MONO Twin Permanent Marker will work for this purpose. You could also paint instead of write- the choice is up to you.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE SEALER: If your piece is going to end up outdoors, you should add a protective sealant. Use this water-based multi-purpose sealer, it has no odor + you can easily wash off the paintbrush.
  • AN ANGLED PAINTBRUSH: Any paintbrush will work to apply your sealer, but I like to use an angled one– it’s easier to work with and feather.

Lettering on Wood Video Tutorial:

I LOVE watching How- to videos, Enjoy my Lettering on wood tutorial! Watch the video by clicking on the video box below or head over to to my YouTube channel. Enjoy!

writing on wood Tutorial:

1. Print out your quote: I typed this in Word and printed using my computer. Layer your print out onto a transfer paper and place atop the wooden sign. Carefully trace the words.

DIY hand lettered wood sign transfer paper
DIY hand lettered wood sign trace easy

2. Color in your words: Use an oil based marker or paint them in if you choose to. And your Lettered Sign is ready!

DIY hand lettered wood sign with a pen marker tombow

Tips and Tricks:

  • If you get any transfer paper stains onto your wood, you can easily erase them with the MONO sand eraser. If you painted your wood, then instead of erasing the marks, just repaint over them.
  • This technique is great for bold letters and faux calligraphy as well. You can easily free hand your design onto the wood as well too!
  • While tracing over the design, use some painter’s tape or washi tape to hold everything in place and prevent any shifting.
  • A DIY hand lettered sign can easily be further customized with photographs, felt flowers or any other kind of embellishments.
DIY hand lettered wood sign erase mistakes

writing on wood signs

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DIY hand lettered wood sign

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DIY hand lettered wood sign

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  1. Smitha, you are so talented and this turned out so well! I’m so glad for tracing paper to make people like me look more talented than I am! 🙂

  2. I love using tracing paper to make signs. I’ don’t have a steady hand for some of the fine details in lettering but yours is perfect!

  3. I watched your video and did a project using the transfer paper and oil markers this afternoon…it was so easy and turned out so cute. Thank you for sharing your technique!

  4. If I don’t have an oil-based marker, are there alternative markers or paints that can be used to write on wood?

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