30+ FREE Lettering Worksheets

I am sharing 30+ Lettering worksheets today in a few different styles to help you practice and improve your hand lettering skills. So go ahead, print, trace, and enjoy!

I started my Brush Lettering journey by printing worksheets and practicing at home. This is a creative skill that is easily self-taught. Print these Lettering Worksheets on smooth paper, grab a large Brush Pen along with a smaller Fudenosuke pen and start practicing!

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What is the best hand lettering practice paper?

Make sure to use really smooth paper to print these lettering worksheets. This will prevent fraying of your pen tips.

I recommend using the HP Paper Premium 32 lb paper to print these Lettering Worksheets onto. When you run your palm on top of the paper it should feel smooth to the touch and allow the pens to glide easily with minimal resistance. Check out my What is a Brush Pen and What Papers to use post for more paper suggestions.

How to download these Lettering Worksheets PDFS:

To download these lettering worksheets, simply click the appropriate link you want and the pdf will open in a new window. You can print that right away or right click and save it to your computer.

These lettering worksheets are for personal use only. Feel free to print as many copies as you want and use them personally. But please do not redistribute or resell.

Brush Lettering Worksheets:

DOWNLOAD: Brush Letter Worksheets

Brush lettering worksheets

Chunky alphabets worksheets

DOWNLOAD: Chunky Lettering Worksheets

Chunky lettering printable

Monoline Alphabets worksheets

DOWNLOAD: Monoline Alphabet Worksheets.

Monoline alphabets

Faux alphabets worksheets

DOWNLOAD: Faux worksheets!

You can use ANY pen to trace these, learn more tips in my Faux Calligraphy: How to easily Hand Letter with any pen or pencil! post

Faux calligraphy alphabets worksheets

Lettering Practice Worksheets


lettering worksheets smitha katti


Of all the styles, Brush Lettering is the most addictive and satisfying one and here are 25+ absolutely FREE Brush Lettering Practice Sheets for you to download and trace.

Lettering Simple Words:

DOWNLOAD: Simple Words

brush letter practice words

Love themed Lettering worksheets

DOWNLOAD: Valentine-themed lettering free worksheets.

brush lettering free worksheets valentine

Lucky themed Practice Sheets

DOWNLOAD: FREE Lucky themed Practice Sheets

lucky themed brush lettering work sheets

Spring themed worksheets

DOWNLOAD: Spring themed worksheets

Spring themed Brush lettering worksheets

Flower themed Practice Sheets

DOWNLOAD: Flower themed practice sheets

brush lettering practice sheets printable free

Free Printable Worksheets for Fall

DOWNLOAD: Fall themed worksheets.

brush lettering worksheets fall themed


If you are practicing with a smaller pen, download these Small Brush Worksheets Lowercase + Small Brush Uppercase pdfs. Make sure to also read my Essential Guide to the Fudenosuke Pens for more tips.

small brush pen worksheets 1


To practice using these lettering worksheets you will need,

  • A good quality, smooth finish printer paper: I print these lettering sheets onto HP Printer Paper, Premium Choice LaserJet Copy Paper, 32lb. The printer I use is a Canon PIXMA Wireless one that works great for me!
  • Another way to use these worksheets- place a sheet of marker paper or tracing paper on top of the printout and then letter onto that.
  • I would recommend the Tombow Dual Brush Pens for large lettering. You do not need the whole 96 color set (though they are awesome to have!) but start with a 10 color set (like this bright, pastel, or galaxy one).
  • Further, in your 10 pack of pens, I would recommend that you use the color you like least and start your lettering journey with it. It will fray, but you will learn.
  • For smaller lettering I would suggest you start with the Fudenosuke Brush pens– either soft or hard tip. I had more success using the hard tip initially.
  • For Monoline or faux calligraphy, any gel pen would work.

How do I practice lettering on my IPAD?

Skip the printing, and practice on your iPad! If you already own an iPad, check out how I use these free lettering worksheets and practice digitally! MORE INFO: LETTERING ON IPAD: HOW TO PRACTICE USING FREE WORKSHEETS

Ready to start practicing? Join my #52quoteschallenge. Start where you are and go at your pace. There is no set start date. Find more details here 52 happy inspirational quotes for you to hand letter

Please understand that these lettering worksheets are for personal use only. Print as many copies as you want. Do not redistribute or resell.

While reposting, please use just one image only and direct people to this blog post when sharing with others, and not to the pdf file links. Thank you!

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  1. I have to say many many thanks for your resources and extreme generosity. as a beginner to lettering, I have been searching for practice sheets and I have found so many resources with you. May you spread your vibrancy manifold 🙂

  2. Thank you! The free worksheets are great and I APPRECIATE how easy they were to find and download!! I will be back to your site in the future!!

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