25+ Flower Reference Photos To Inspire You

Hello friends! Sharing a bunch of flower reference photos that you can use as your inspiration for a painting!

Yesterday, we took the kids to the Como Zoo and Conservatory. It was a nice social distanced tour that everyone enjoyed. I especially loved the latter part of our visit- where we saw the Bonsai Collection, The Palms garden, and the Sunken Gardens.

The Sunken gardens were filled with the most beautiful spring flowers- all yellow and breathtaking!

IMG 0554

Below are a bunch of photos I quickly snapped with my iPhone. You are welcome to use these photos as a reference but please do link back to this website and credit the image source to Smitha Katti.

Flower reference photos

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I always intrigued by how cute and perfect the Bonsai trees look!

Below are more Flower Reference Photos from the day we spent a day at the Minnesota Arboretum. The flowers were in bloom and I am sharing some flowers photos with you today.

flowers photos
rose pink Arboretum Flower Photos
yellow rose Arboretum Flower Photos
dark pink flower Arboretum Flower Photos
pink flower Arboretum Flower Photos
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