Old T Shirts Crafts Idea: Repurpose to make EASY Flowers

I’m sharing a this Old T shirts Crafts to make pretty flowers! Cut circles, fold, layer, and glue it all with a hot glue gun!

What really elevates this recycled craft is the bold button or jewel centers. These small details just make the flowers so much more beautiful!

Old T Shirts Crafts:

Reusing Old T Shirts to make Flowers

This is quite possibly the quickest project I have ever made -20 minutes.

All you need to make them are a pair of good scissors, some of your old T-shirts (that have been washed!) and a hot glue gun.


Cut up your T shirts or fabrics, use the hot glue to create folds, frills and easily convert a simple circle shape into a ruffled flower.

easy t shirt flowers
hot glue gun flower

Learn more on how to make these flowers by reusing old t shirts , with more pics in the tutorial I wrote for Fiskars here.


I absolutely love it when an idea in your head materializes exactly as you had thought it would. Crafty satisfaction at its best.

Old T Shirts Crafts

If you don’t have plain T shirts for this, you can always use any fabric you might have at home. Or felt sheets. Patterned fabrics will also look beautiful.

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