Harry Potter Scarf Pattern: A Super Quick 2-hour project

I’m sharing an easy Harry Potter Scarf Pattern that works up quickly and uses just one simple stitch!

Today’s Harry Potter Scarf Pattern is where my book nerd self meets the yarn lover. The best of both worlds! This scarf uses a bulky yarn which works up quickly!

harry potter scarf pattern

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What yarn do you need to make this scarf?

wool ease thick and quick yarn

You will need two skeins of any Super Bulky (6) yarn. The super bulky yarn makes this a quick project!

I’ve used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick here in colors Cranberry and Mustard to make a Gryffindor scarf.

How many stitches do you start with?

Start with a chain 10 using the cranberry-colored yarn (image 01)

Then single crochet into the second chain from the hook and into every chain after that (image 02)

Turn, Chain 1 and Single crochet into each single crochet stitch (image 03)

Repeat the pattern row a total of 8 times. Cut yarn and pull through loop (image 04)

Change color and repeat.

harry potter crochet scarf

How to change colors in crochet without tails

To tuck your yarn ends as you go, hold both the short ends of yarns over the previous row and work Single Crochets over it to hold securely in place.

How to change colors in crochet without tails

This is my favorite way to tuck in those stray yarn bits as you go. If not, you will end up with a bunch of yarn tails to weave in the end, which is no fun 🙂

crochet scarf pattern

What colors should a Harry Potter Scarf be?

Here are my color recommendations for Wool-Ease Thick and Quick Yarn:

Harry Potter Scarf Pattern:

In the below paragraph, you will find the written Harry Potter Scarf Pattern!

How to change colors in crochet without tails scarf

With your P hook, Chain 10 using the Cranberry colored yarn.

Foundation row: SC into the second chain from hook and into every chain after that. Turn.

Pattern row: Chain 1. SC into each stitch. Turn.

Repeat the pattern row a total of 8 times in Cranberry color. Cut yarn and pull through loop. Turn.

Attach the Mustard colored yarn into the SC below by pulling up a loop. Ch 1, SC into same sc, SC into each SC. Complete row and check that there are 9 verticals of SC. This is where you might most commonly miss a stitch.

Work 8 rows in Mustard color

Alternate the two-color blocks till you have a scarf of the desired length.

My scarf measures approximately 4 inches wide and is 60 inches long.


Easily customize this Harry Potter Scarf Pattern to make it skinnier, wider or longer following my notes below.

  • To make a wider scarf, just adjust the starting chain. A starting chain of 12 instead of 10 will increase the width of the scarf by about an inch. Add an extra 2 chains per inch increase in width.
  • Since my color stripes are chunky, I chose to cut my yarn at every color change.
  • If you were to make skinny color stripes, you can easily carry the unused yarn color up the side of the work. 
  • Although the yarn packaging recommends using an N hook (9mm) I’m using a larger P hook (12mm). The larger hook just means that your work won’t be as dense, it will be a little airier. I find this necessary for a scarf, otherwise the scarf ends up being too heavy.


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quick harry potter scarf pattern

This was a simple scarf that I was able to throw together at the last minute and my daughter loved it! Not only does this Harry Potter Scarf Pattern work up quickly, but it is also thick and luxurious and great to use in Minnesota winters!

Smitha Crochets granny square circle center pattern

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