List of Positive Thoughts and Positive Words

I truly believe in the power of writing things down. When you take the time to slow down, and focus on writing the words your mindset changes. Today I am sharing a list of Positive Thoughts and Positive Words for you write or hand letter into your journals at any time.

I have previously shared how to write down quotes to create a positivity journal. I share a list of 366 Positive Quotes– one for each day of the year. You can jot down these quotes, or brush letter these quotes the option is yours.

Positive Phrases Positive Words

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60 Positive Words to Write in your Journal

  1. Peace
  2. Love
  3. Inspire
  4. Focus
  5. Bright
  6. Achieve
  7. Better
  8. Calm
  9. Celebrate
  10. Believe
  11. Shine
  12. Confident
  13. Thankful
  14. Delight
  15. Learn
  16. Happy
  17. Fearless
  18. Strong
  19. Brave
  20. Daring
  21. Explore
  22. Persevere
  23. Innovate
  24. Glow
  25. Light
  26. Curious
  27. Bloom
  28. Mindful
  29. Joyful
  30. Nourish
  31. Wonder
  32. Thrive
  33. Action
  34. Flourish
  35. Simplify
  36. Creative
  37. Loving
  38. Kind
  39. Begin
  40. Empower
  41. Ready
  42. Trust
  43. Pause
  44. Honest
  45. Forgive
  46. Grow
  47. Flow
  48. Balance
  49. Progress
  50. Relax
  51. Complete
  52. Wander
  53. Restore
  54. Balance
  55. Accept
  56. Present
  57. Transform
  58. Open
  59. Improve
  60. Bold

30 Positive thoughts or phrases:

  1. Choose Joy
  2. The World is Full of Magic
  3. Never Give Up
  4. Only Do What Your Heat Tells You
  5. Do Little Things With Great Love
  6. Mindset Matters
  7. You Can Do It
  8. You are Strong
  9. Be Thankful
  10. Don’t Look Back
  11. Strive For Progress
  12. Find Your Balance
  13. Do Your Best
  14. Now or Never
  15. Be Creative
  16. Start Somewhere
  17. Believe in Yourself
  18. Always Add Value
  19. Winners Never Quit
  20. One Thing at a Time
  21. Keep Going
  22. Now or Never
  23. Choose to Shine
  24. See the Good
  25. Do it Now
  26. Fuel Your Passion
  27. Focus and Win
  28. Learn From It
  29. You are Enough
  30. Try Something New


I’m lettering in Real time in today’s video!! No time lapses please. Click the video box below for Hand Lettering Positive Thoughts in Real time, with no time lapse! to watch on YouTube! Subscribe to my YouTube channel Smitha Katti for more ideas!


Positive Thoughts Positive Words
In photo: Notebook see is Rhodia Pad and Pen is Tombow Dual Brush Pen

I totally love hand lettering and there are so many reasons why. Brush lettering is an art that forces you to go slow and that just makes the process so relaxing. Just spending 15 mins with my brush pen and paper is all I need to refocus my day.

Be intentional with your lettering. Take a moment to think ahead and figure out the spacing of your lettering. Mix and match fonts, upper and lower cases, chunky and skinny lettering to create a more interesting piece. But most of all have fun and enjoy the lettering journey! I hope these Positive thoughts for today inspired you 🙂



If you aren’t able to make time for Hand lettering quotes, todays’ post has a list shorter Positive Thoughts and Positive Words that I have been lettering at the start of my day. It takes less than 5 minutes and gives me a word/phrase to focus on throughout the day and I love it!

Did you find this list of  Positive Phrases and Positive Words helpful? What words would you add to this list? Leave a comment below and let’s chat!

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Happy Lettering Friends!

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