Simple Cactus Drawing In A Pot

Hello friends! I hope you pull out your sketchbooks and pens for this Cactus Drawing in a pot Tutorial. I will walk you step by step through the process!

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cactus drawing

Cactus Drawing In A Pot:

Here is an easy cactus drawing in a pot step by step tutorial. Today we are drawing a Prickly Pear Cactus here.

  1. Start with a simple pot base, and draw a horse shoe like shape to form the stem of the cactus
  2. Now add more inverted U shapes to form the cladodes (this is what the pads connected to the stem are called) and smaller leaves
  3. Add simple flower drawings to the leaves
  4. Finally, add little dashes in different angles to form the spines of the cactus
cactus drawing in a pot step by step

Here is Brush Pen drawing version of this Cactus drawing in a pot that I created using Tombow Dual Brush Pens. The colored version is so much more fun to create!

  1. Using a pencil, lightly sketch out your cactus shape by drawing overlapping ovals and erasing the overlap
  2. Apply two green marker colors and blend out using a Water Brush. This will soften and mix the colors
  3. Add colors of your choice to the pot, soil and also draw in a few flowers. 
  4. Finally, using a black pen, outline everything and add in tiny spines to your cactus!

Color numbers used are 743, 946, 228, 245 and 879

cactus drawing in a pot step by step tutorial

Cactus Illustration Video:

Below is a short Cactus Illustration Video that shows you the cactus drawing from start to finish using colored markers

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Here I used added pink pot to vary the design and you can easily make this illustration your own by changing out the colors too!

cactus drawing tutorial

Cactus Drawing Pdf Download

Put your electronic devices away and enjoy some quiet screen free drawing time with this downloadable pdf. Enjoy this free printable pdf download and do share your finished creations with me on social media @smithakatti #smithakatti

Download Here: Cactus step by step pdf

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Cactus Reference Images:

Below are a few reference images for your cactus drawing that you can use.

Cactus Drawing:

I hope you enjoyed today’s cactus drawing in a pot step by step tutorial with video friends! I was inspired by the Joshua Tree National Park Photos we took on our recent trip, and all the cactus we saw everywhere along the sidewalks too! This is such a simple thing to draw and very enjoyable. I hope you give it a try! Happy Drawing!

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