How To Draw Goddess Lakshmi Video

Today I am sharing a favorite sketch of mine- Let’s learn how to draw Goddess Lakshmi step by step, video included!

Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, but she governs not just
the bank balance, but true wealth such as family, health, friends, food, etc.

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How To Draw Goddess Lakshmi Video

Pause the video and draw along with me in this Goddess Lakshmi Drawing Video

Watch the video:

How To Draw Goddess Lakshmi Step by Step:

  1. Start with the face, draw outlines of eyes, lips eyebrows and a nose. Add a bindhi on top.
  2. Next frame the top of the face with a crown. I have drawn a tall crown here, but you can make it shorter too.
  3. Start adding jewelry, two necklaces and earrings.
  4. Add flowers behind the head, and also start defining the body by drawing in shoulders and the top of the arms.
  1. Draw in arms bangles and have the goddess hold a lotus in one arm in one hand and a kalash in another as seen.
  2. Draw two more hands now, one filled with coins spilling onto a circle, and another with either a ghada or another lotus.
  3. Now draw in her legs, waist, and a belt with jewelry around her waist. Next, add the bowl around the coin circle. Finish off the sketch by encircling the goddess in a lotus-shaped throne.
  4. Optionally add some flower garlands to fill up the background and that is how to draw Goddess Lakshmi.

I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial. You can use any pen and paper for this. I used the MONO Drawing pen and a mixed-media sketchbook here in this How to Draw Goddess Lakshmi Tutorial

how to draw goddess lakshmi with a pen
How to draw Goddess Lakshmi

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I wish everyone celebrating a joyous Navratri and Diwali season!

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