How to make Place cards in 4 different styles

Be if for a wedding, a dinner or any special occasion, a Place card always elevates the event and adds an element of style. Today I’m sharing a few simple and easy ideas showing you how to make place cards from cardstock

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what size should a place card be?

Place cards are trending in various different sizes and shapes days! Think Hexagon, narrow rectangle, circle and even leaf shape. Usually a place card needs to be the size of 2.5 by 3.5 inches.

How to make Place Cards with Video Tutorials

1. DIY Place Cards for a Wedding

Watch the video tutorial here:

DIY Place cards Wedding

What you will need: Cardstock/ card base, Fiskars Thick Punch- Floral Frenzy, Calligraphy pen, Adhesive Pearl Stickers

How to make it: I went for a tone-on-tone soft white for these DIY Place Cards. Use the Fiskars Floral Frenzy punch. These are special punches called “thick punches” and can be used to punch multiple card stock papers at once. Make sure your punch says Thick before you try doing this- because otherwise can only punch one sheet of card stock at a time. Layer the flowers and add a pearl.

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2. Rustic Place Cards

Watch the Video tutorial here:

rustic place cards idea DIY

What you will need: Dual brush pens, a paintbrush, some water and pieces of Watercolor or mixed media paper

How to make it: Using your Dual Brush pens, add color to the paper in a branch shape. Then paint with water over it to form the leaf shapes. No need to be precise or fancy, just paint oval or teardrop-shaped leaves. Using the MONO Drawing pen 05 letters in the names above the painted branch.

Keep in mind that this is watercolor paper that might have some texture on the paper. In fact, you can go over your name twice with the pen if your lines were shaky to create your own funky font style

3. DIY Place Cards with gold Edging

Watch the video tutorial here:

diy place cards

What you will need: Card base, Tape runner, Foil sheets, pen.

How to make it: Use your tape runner to add just a thin strip of tape and adhere the gold foil down. In the video, I show a simple masking technique on how to achieve this. Add simple handwritten names.

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4. Fall/Autumn Place Cards

Watch the video tutorial here:

Fall pumpkin DIY place cards tutorial

What you will need: Dual brush pens, a paintbrush, some water, Burlap paper, Adhesive, fudenosuke pen

How to make it: Start by drawing a half pumpkin shape with the Dual Brush Pens and then painting over the lines with a damp paintbrush. From the burlap paper, cut the bottom shape of the pumpkin and adhere onto card. Finish off these DIY Place cards with by lettering the name using the Fudenosuke pen.

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Place cards are a great personal way to make your guests feel welcome- be it a wedding or any Holiday gathering. If you are having a large party, making your own DIY Place Cards is a definitely a great way to save some money without losing style. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time for the glue to dry, plan ahead of time, ask a few friends or relatives to help you out and start an assembly line. Before you know it your Place Cards will be ready and you will also have great memories of making them yourself.

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