How To Paint Watercolor Leaves: 7 Easy Video Tutorials!

A leaf is a great shape to paint while practicing watercoloring. Get creative with these simple and colorful Watercolor Leaves Videos today!

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How to Paint colorful Watercolor leaves: 7 Video Tutorials

I love filling a whole sketchbook page with simple watercolor leaves. This is an easy exercise and I love watching the watercolors meet and do their thing.

How Do You Paint Watercolor Leaves For Beginners?

Beginner Watercolor leaves Video:

To paint these beginner watercolor leaves you can use any watercolor cake you have- yes, even your kid’s paint will work! If you need help to start, here is a list of the Best Watercolor Supplies for Beginners

How do you paint watercolor leaves for beginners
  1. Using your paintbrush, draw a leaf outline shape.
  2. Fill this shape with color and just a little bit of water
  3. Next add a touch of another color towards one end of the leaf shape
  4. Blend the color slightly to achieve a gradient color.
beginner watercolor leaves

Rainbow Watercolor Leaves

These Rainbow Watercolor Leaves are SO much fun to paint! There is something so satisfying when you create rainbow art.

rainbow watercolor leaves in sketchbook
  1. Using Watercolor Markers apply a two different colors per leaf as seen below.
  2. Using a Water brush, add a little water to each leaf shape, blend the colors slightly, and create a pointy tip for each leaf. Avoid over-mixing the colors
  3. Repeat this with different colors. To create texture, sprinkle salt onto the wet leaves. I explain this in detail here- Watercolor Salt Technique
  4. Let the paint dry, and rub off the salt with your fingertips. This gives a mottled look and enhances the watercoloring!
rainbow watercolor leaves how to

Simple Watercolor Leaves

Simple Watercolor Leaves Video:

These Simple Watercolor Leaves are rustic and look great on DIY Place cards!

simple watercolor leaves tutorial
  1. Using Watercolor markers, draw a curvy stalk, and add dabs of color on either side to form leaf shapes
  2. Add a touch of contrasting color to the last leaf
  3. Using a paintbrush and little water paint over each color dab and form into leaf shapes
  4. Go over the stalk with the damp paintbrush and join all the leaf shapes.
simple watercolor leaves step by step

Watercolor Autumn Leaves Tutorial

Fall Watercolor Leaf Painting Video:

Capturing Autumn leaves on paper is so much fun! Feel free to use these 20+ Fall leaves images as a reference for your art.

Watercolor autumn leaf
  1. Using Watercolor Markers draw the outline shape of the autumn leaf
  2. Using 2 to 4 colors quickly adds more colors and details to the leaf
  3. Add a few spots of orange here and there
  4. Using a large paintbrush and little water, slowly blend the colors. Use a little water, and let the colors blend but not get watery and run into each other

How Do You Paint Leaves In Watercolor?

Quick Watercolor Leaves Video:

These quick watercolor leaves are super easy to paint and I like to call them triangle leaves- because that is how I draw them.

  1. Using the tip of the Dual Brush Pen, draw triangle shapes in a wavy pattern. Think of these as leaves on a stem going from larger to small
  2. Dip your paintbrush in water and then paint over your triangle, dragging the water with the tip of your brush to form a leaf shape
  3. Repeat this with other colors
  4. Let the leaves dry a bit and then add another layer on top to create a fuller effect.
triangle watercolor leaves

How Do You Make Watercolor Leaf Prints?

Leaf Stamping Video:

Creating watercolor leaf prints could not be simpler!

watercolor leaf prints
  1. Apply your watercolor or marker onto the leaf directly
  2. Spread the color or mix colors directly on the leaf itself
  3. Flip the leaf, and press it onto the paper to create a leaf impression
  4. Using your paintbrush gently trace the leaf shape to define it better if needed.
how do you make watercolor leaf prints

How do you paint leaves easily?

Easy Leaf Painting Video:

These watercolor leaves are so colorful and the easiest to paint. I use the 3 Easy Wet on Wet Watercoloring by Dropping Colors method and basically, the water does all the work!

I also added a thin black pen outline to my leaves here- I love how those thin lines define the leaf shape and add a whimsical touch to the page. If you are wondering which pen to use for water coloring- I explain in detail here How to use Watercolor and Pen together

watercolor leaves simple
  1. Lightly draw leaf shapes with a pencil if needed. Using a paintbrush, paint the leaf shape with water only
  2. Drop in a little bit of green paint towards the bottom of the leaf shape
  3. Drop another contrasting color at the tip of the leaf. Add a few more colors if desired
  4. Using the paintbrush gently nudge the colors till they just meet. Let the water do the rest of the color mixing as it dries
watercolor leaves dropping color

Watercolor Leaves Videos:

Enjoy this Watercolor Leaves Youtube Playlist and I hope you pull out your sketchbook and paint with me! I will continue to add more and more videos to this playlist, so make sure you bookmark it or come back and check.


  • Always try to use a heavier mixed-media or watercolor paper for best results. The thick paper will withstand more water without buckling and allow for beautiful blends!
  • Watercolor leaves can be as easy or as intricate as you want to make it. I paint super simple leaf shapes that are easy to paint and relaxing.
  • Any round paintbrush or Water brush will work fine for painting leaves.
  • While creating dramatic color mixes in your leaves, make sure you are not overmixing! Move the colors as little as you can and let the water movement do the blending instead!

More Watercolor Project Ideas:

Below is a list of more ideas for you to try, all of these are easy relaxing paintings with tutorials included.

Watercolor Leaves:

In conclusion, watercolor leaves are a great way to practice your painting skills. Just painting leaf shapes can also be a relaxing creative break. Try creating paintings of leaves that are all mono-chrome or go in rainbow order. There are so many options! I also always love adding watercolor leaves to my easy flower watercolor paintings, the leaves just add so much interest and movement.

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