2 Easy Ways to Paint a Colorful Watercolor Tree

Learn to paint an easy Watercolor Tree using brush pens or any watercolors you might have. A simple idea that gives easy colorful results!

I’m pulling out my DIY sketchbook and filling its pages with easy watercolor ideas that are relaxing to paint! Just like the Watercolor Salt Technique, this Watercolor Tree could not be simpler to paint! Just a few quick steps and you get a beautiful colorful result! It was so much fun to paint and so relaxing!

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Watercolor Tree


Watercolor paper | Brush Pens | Paint Brush | Black Pen

watercolor tree VIDEO:

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watercolor tree STEP BY STEP:

Step by step photo + video tutorial to paint a Watercolor Tree

Total Time: 10 minutes

1. Apply color dots onto the paper

Tap your brush pen tip to add small dots of color in the form of branches. If you are using watercolor cakes, apply the paint by tapping your paintbrush onto the paper.

2. Paint over the color dots

Using a thin paintbrush, paint over the color dots to softly spread the color.

3. Add just a little water to keep the colors seperate

Add a little water or lots of water depending on the result you want. If you add little water, you will have a watercolor effect with distinct color areas. If you add a lot of water, the colors will mix and blur.

4. Draw the Tree branches

Using a small pen, draw the tree branches in place

watercolor rainbow tree tutorial


The brush pens are water-based, and when we add water on top, the marker ink reacts with the water and spreads to create a beautiful watercolor look!

TIP: A little marker color goes a long way!

Here’s another idea- create a DIY bookmark of your own! Paint your Watercolor Tree split across two bookmarks. Instead of color dots, draw colored watercolor leaves for a more colorful result!

rainbow tree bookmarks

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