Rainbow Galaxy Tutorial Using Neon Paints

Hello friends! I’m sharing a colorful Rainbow Galaxy Tutorial to create in your sketchbook today. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create this rainbow galaxy idea in just a few easy steps.

This Rainbow Galaxy Idea can be painted in your sketchbook or even on canvas! Make sure to check out these two posts as well for more tips How To Make Galaxy Bookmark Watercolor and How to Paint a Galaxy Step By Step Easily

You all know I love writing down quotes and today I’m sharing a rainbow galaxy tutorial to go with my quote! This post was created in partnership with DecoArt. I love their products and sharing creative ways to use them with you all.

Rainbow galaxy with deco art

rainbow galaxy tutorial Step by Step Tutorial:

Let’s get started! I’m using a stipple paintbrush today and a dot journal as my sketchbook. The Archer and Olive Dot journal I have has really thick pages and can tolerate thick paints without warping. Use a good mixed media sketchbook otherwise.

The paints I have are NEW! They are the DecoArt Black Light Neons, now available at Michaels.

deco art black light neon

Start by adding a layer of black around the corner areas. Blend that into the paint using a circular motion.

black paint in dot journal

Next, add your colors! I used all of the rainbow colors and just added dots of colors onto the page, to begin with. Quickly blend the colors on the page itself with a circular motion. The paint will try on the paper, so you need to blend everything as quickly as you can!

painting with acrylic paints in your sketchbook
step by step tutorial for a rainbow galaxy

The first coat of color will not cover the paper opaquely, as we used just a little paint. Add more color onto color each section individually and blend.

neon acrylic paints
galaxy tutorial paints

Smooth our all the paintbrush strokes with a soft paintbrush and a little bit of white paint. I love how the circular motion mimics the look of a clouds or a galaxy already. Isnt this rainbow galaxy tutorial fun?

Rainbow Galaxy tutorial easy

Final step is to add a nice dusting of stars! For this I used an old tooth brush and dipped it in white paint that has been thinned down with water) Spray tiny white dots all over the page with this.

Rainbow galaxy with deco art

All Done!

Here is how my Rainbow galaxy tutorial turned out! I loved the experience of painting it!

rainbow galaxy black light

The fun part of these paints is that they GLOW! Shine a black UV light on your page in the dark and the colors come alive! SO MUCH FUN!

I tried adding more stars, bigger shining stars to the background, but honestly- I was a bit scared I would spoil it at this stage. So I did what I do well- I lettered a quote onto it with white paint 🙂

be a star

A big thank you to Deco Art for partnering with me for this post! I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial friends since I’m, really am stoked at how pretty this page turned out! The glow in the dark element is so cool.

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