Women Empowerment Quotes

Hello friends! In honor of International Women’s day, I’m adding Women Empowerment Quotes into my sketchbook. Writing these quotes down doesn’t change the world, but helps me refocus and remember why we do the everyday things. Enjoy the video below!

I enjoy hand-lettering quotes, and I truly believe in the power of writing down words. If you are not a letterer, simply writing down a positive quote on a piece of paper and tacking it onto your wall will still have a great effect on your outlook. Try it.

women empowerment quotes


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women empowerment quotes Video:

Enjoy the compilation of Women empowerment quotes video from my YouTube Channel below.


My favorite Women empowerment Quotes:

  • Empowered Women, empower women.
  • She believed she could, so she did
  • Happier women shine brighter
  • Be your own Hero
  • She was herself and that made her beautiful
  • Dream it, believe it, achieve it.

4 women empowerment quotes Illustrated:

For this peacock illustration, I found the quote to be perfect! I shared the tutorial of this sketch page on the Tombow USA blog last week, check it out here. I mixed and matched fonts and in the end changed the fonts to all capitals so that the word “beautiful” would fit in the space.

women empowerment quotes

In this example, I used glue for lettering the quote and then sprinkled glitter all over. I used a basic black journal/sketchbook for this and loved how this turned out!

Here, after the quote was complete, I had a lot of empty space in the bottom. So I doodled a design to fit that space. Problem solved.


In this below example, I used white craft acrylic paint to hand letter onto a small notepad. Lettering with acrylic paint is a bit different- the paint is thicker and you need to move the brush slower. But the white on black contrast is so neat!

Here I added flounces to the d in believed to fill in space. I also added little dots and dashes all around so that the cover looked complete.

Handlettering Quotes Women empowerment

Happy Lettering!

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