Archer and Olive Notebooks: 7 reasons why I LOVE them!

An Archer and Olive Notebook might look gorgeous and all, but are they worth their price? Let’s explore this topic today!

Archer and Olive Notebook

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Why I Love the Archer And Olive Notebook

I love that the Archer and Olive notebook company is Female Owned, 100% Vegan, and they use all environmentally responsible packing.

These notebooks come in such pretty cover designs in all colors of the rainbow!

  1. Paper Quality: The main reason I love the Archer and Olive Notebook is the paper quality. The paper is a thick, bright white color with a non-distracting grid pattern.
  2. Notebook Sizes: The Archer and Olive Notebooks come in various different sizes (B5, B6, Square, Traveller’s size, etc) but my favorite and most used size is the A5 size Notebook which measures 5.75 by 8.5 inches.
  3. Can use so many mediums: I have used various different mediums on the paper- Brush pens, Watercolor, Gouache, and even Acrylic paints with no bleed-through.
  4. No warping: The pages hold up well and don’t warp too much as long as you add a controlled amount of water to the page.
  5. Different colored pages: I also love that there are many different paper color options- black, kraft, white, and many more!
  6. Lay Flat: The notebooks lay flat, which means the spine easily opens to have the book open flat
  7. Finishing Details: The notebooks have a side elastic for your pen, and come with bookmark ribbons with beautiful gold ampersands. The small details are everything!
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where to buy archer and olive notebooks

You can purchase the Archer and Olive Notebooks directly from their website! Head over to and use the code smitha10 for a discount. Happy Shopping!

Archer and Olive Journal Cover: To DIY or BUY?

BUY For the standard A5 size linen journals, I have found this 2-pack set of clear plastic covers a perfect fit.

DIY any sized journal cover easily using Clear Contact Paper by following this video tutorial

Archer and Olive Mystery Box:

These boxes tend to sell out quickly! If you want one, keep your eye out on their socials to be first to know!


Archer and Olive often have mystery box sales! This is retail therapy at its best and you get great products with a bang for your buck. I’ve purchased a couple of different mystery boxes and you can watch this AO Unboxing Video and more!

So these mystery boxes come and go in a flash- and you get 3 random blind selections of Archer and Olive Notebook or journals, etc. You can’t choose and get 3 mystery products at a fraction of the cost. There might be misprints or they might be clearing out inventory, but to me, that doesn’t matter. I just love the smell of a brand new notebook 🙂


  1. The surprise factor!! You don’t know what you will get, and opening that box is so much more fun than that! It’s like opening a gift that you know you will love 🙂
  2. Mystery boxes always deliver a bang for your buck. You get way more than what you pay for. It’s a great way for companies to make room for new stock and the consumer gets awesome products at a much lower price.
  3. You get to try and use products that have a new or different style than yours. Instinctively, one is drawn to similar items all the time- a mystery box is a great way to try something new/different.
  4. You get to explore and try products before deciding if it is right for you. This one is a true story. I bought this perfect pretty in pink dot journal for me to use- and it sat on the shelf for more than 2 months, because I was so scared I would make a mistake and ruin it. Then I bought a Mystery box, and it came with a black dot grid journal that was cute. This journal was not my favorite style and I would never have purchased it by myself. So I just opened it immediately and started writing and doodling in it. No pressure, no expectation- and it was liberating. It was like I was allowing myself to make mistakes in it. And that’s what got me into dot journaling really.
  5. I have extra dot grid journals, thanks to purchasing several Mystery boxes now. These are great to have on hand to gift to a friend or teacher. As a stationery lover (hoarder) I love having these pretty books line my shelf.

Archer and Olive Subscription Box unboxing:

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I just received my first Subscription Box and this box was a huge HIT for me! The unique Archer and Olive Notebook with the pink edges is my favorite for sure, but really everything in the box made me smile. Check out my AO Subscription box unboxing video here!

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Archer and Olive Notebook Review:

An Archer and Olive Notebook might look gorgeous and all, but are they worth their price? I would say yes! As a blogger, I have been given more than one Archer and Olive notebook from the company itself, but I have purchased many many more on my own because I love the quality of these journals. The paper quality is impressive, and feels luxurious even. None of the pens or markers I have used have bled through. And since the paper is so thick, I love that I also have the option to use acrylic paint or watercolors without having the paper buckle or warp.

While the notebooks are spendy, I think they are totally worth the splurge.

Yes, I have loved and purchased the economical Mystery boxes a couple of times now, but I have also paid full price for some pretty cover designs that I have wanted to use for my yearly planning. A pretty cover design just makes you smile each time you reach for it! I love all of the beautiful color covers they have and the choice of paper colors- white, black, kraft, pastel, rainbow and more! There are so many variations and combinations that you can choose from.

I also stalk their social media and website to see what new and beautiful designs or products they are releasing. Everything is so gorgeous!


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Archer and Olive Discount Code

Use Archer and Olive Discount Code SMITHA10 to get 10% off all of your A&O purchases!

Here is a direct link to the mystery boxes! If you aren’t looking for the Mystery boxes (or if there are currently out of stock) here is my referral link to shop! #affiliatelink

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