Easy Winter Watercolor Tutorial+ Video

Today I’m painting a winter watercolor in my sketchbook and sharing some tips + a tutorial video! I’ve also included a step-by-step photo tutorial to help you recreate this easily. 

Since the snow does not seem to stop coming here in Minnesota, sitting down for some watercoloring and getting creative with a snow theme sounded great. This winter watercolor sure makes me smile, even if I am fed up with the snow falling outside 🙂

You can also try painting a winter scene with a little texture. This can be your next project! Or try drawing a snowman or coloring in snowflake pages

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winter watercolor


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winter watercolor VIDEO TUTORIAL:

Watch Step by Step Winter watercolor painting video on YouTube.


STEPS BY STEP easy watercolor winter scene

1. Scribble your marker onto a palette or ceramic dish.

winter watercolor tutorial

2. Pick up color onto wet paintbrush. Painting with this watery color gives you more control and also lets you start your painting with confidence.

winter watercolor tutorial

3. Start with a rough initial wash- Use a watery light color to first define your tree area.

winter watercolor tutorial
winter watercolor tutorial

4. Paint darker details-I like add darker trees on top by directly bringing the marker onto the paper. Make sure your paper is dry to the touch before you bring the marker to it or else the marker lines will bleed.

winter watercolor tutorial
winter watercolor tutorial

5. Splatter white paint aka snow- This is my favorite part!! Cover your work surface with scrap paper and then splatter your sketchbook with watery white acrylic paint.

winter watercolor tutorial

6. Add in a focal point- I love the focus these simple moose bring to this painting. Again, I used watery brown color to begin the shape of the moose and later added darker details.

winter watercolor tutorial

7. Finish off the painting with one last layer of trees- Creating layer upon layers of trees gives the true effect and depth of a forest.

winter watercolor tutorial

8. Use a fan brush to add snow effect on branches- The fan brush is a great tool that is great to create a snow effect in a minute. Simply tap your paint loaded brush up and down to create the snow like dots.

winter watercolor tutorial
winter watercolor tutorial

9. Add final details like tree barks and moose shadows 

smitha paints

I totally how this turned out! The snow is my favorite part of this winter watercolor!


I hope you enjoyed this easy watercolor winter scene tutorial and if you recreate it in your sketchbooks do share it with me @smithakatti on social media friends!

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watercolor winter scene step by step tutorial
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