How To Draw A Snowman Easy Step by Step

The world is covered in a beautiful white blanket when it snows! Today let’s learn how to draw a snowman easy step by step with a few different options.

I’ve previously shared many other winter crafts like – How to Draw a Snowflake 6 EASY ways, Painting a Winter Scene and Tie Dyeing With Ice Tutorial that you all have loved so much. So today I thought I’d try drawing a snowman and I love how cute they turned out!

Living in Minnesota, the snow on the ground for more than 6 months a year! And I really love how pretty it looks when everything is covered with that white blanket. Drawing easy snowman is a great winter art idea.

how to draw a snowman easy

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How to Draw a Snowman Easy Step by Step:

Here is an easy step by step image to follow along.

  1. Start by drawing a circle for the head of the snowman. Then add a carrot nose at an angle
  2. Draw in eyes and a smile using dots
  3. Now add a larger incomplete circle beneath for the body
  4. Finish off your snowman with some twig arms and a few buttons!
Smiling Colors How to Draw a snowman

drawing easy snowman Step By Step:

Here is another How to Draw A Snowman Easy step by step- but this time we will decorate the guy a little bit more.

  1. Draw two squished circles, one smaller and on top, and another larger and beneath. Leave a tiny sliver of space between the two circles
  2. Draw a scarf shape in the space in between, and then add a hat onto the head
  3. Draw in features for the face- eyes, nose and a dotted smile
  4. Finish off your snowman drawing with a few buttons and twig arms
How to draw a snowman easy step by step

I colored in my snowman with some Tombow Dual Brush Pens and the soft pop of color makes the snowman cuter! While adding color, make sure that you are adding the marker color towards the outer edges of the circles, leaving the center whiter to make it look like a snowball.

how to draw a snowman easy


Looking for more snowmen? My friends from Team Creative Crafts are all sharing fun Snowman themed crafts today and they are all so cute and creative! Make sure to check them all out and enjoy some snowy crafts!

snowman art craft

I hope you enjoyed today’s How to draw a Snowman easy step by step tutorial friends. I love these easy drawings that you can use to fill up your sketchbook pages and reflect nature in your designs.

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