Succulent Watercolor Tutorial: Easy painting using just 2 Brush Pens!

Succulents are trending quickly in watercoloring these days. They come in such cute shapes and sizes and are so easy to add to your sketchbook! I’ll show you how to paint a Succulent watercolor today in a few easy steps and under 15 mins.

succulent watercolor

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How to paint a Succulent Watercolor


With your pencil guideline in place, apply the green color using the brush tip of the pen in the center of one of the leaves. Work one or two leaves at a time, to begin to paint a succulent

Working quickly, add touches of purple around the tips and bottom of the leaf. Dual Brush pen watercoloring

With a damp paintbrush or water brush, paint over the green area first. Then slowly drag the moistness into the purple and let the purple bleed into the green and blend naturally. succulent watercolor

Don’t overmix the colors, just blend enough to get the colors damp and moving. paint a succulent

Repeat these steps, working two or three leaves at a time till you finish painting the entire succulent. Try varying the leaves by adding a little more water or a little less water to different leaves. Add more purple to a few and more green to others. These slight variations will add more interest to your final watercolor piece. how to paint a succulent with brush pens

So there you have it! A few easy steps to painting a succulent watercolor! I love how this turned out and that green and purple blend so beautifully together!

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