50+ Creative Bullet Journal Page Ideas That Are Easy!

A new year is a great time to start a new habit of journaling. Today I’m sharing 50+ Bullet Journal Page Ideas to inspire you to ink that page that are all easy and doable. I hope you enjoy these!

Your Journal should be an extension of YOU, and need not look like mine at all! Let these Bullet Journal Page ideas inspire you and feel free to adapt them to suit your style where needed.

Bullet Journal Page Ideas


To start Bullet Journaling, you really just need a notebook and a few pens.

I love using a dot-grid journal- instead of a blank page, you have a page filled with tiny equidistant dots that help draw squares, and words easier. I have used Archer & Olive Notebooks for my bullet journal for a few years now and love their 160gsm quality paper.

You will also need a good black pen, some highlighters maybe, and markers in colors of your choice.

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Watch the video below to see all of my Journaling Favorite Supplies.

What should be in your Bullet Journal?

There are many options of what YOU can choose to add to your journal, let me describe commonly used terms and page ideas that are useful.

  • PageA Page is any single page in your notebook.
  • SpreadA Bullet Journal Spread refers to a two page layout in your journal.
  • Dutch Door When you creatively cut a page to reveal partially the page beneath it you’ve created a Dutch door!
  • Cover Page Cover Pages are used to define the start of section of your Bullet Journal. For example, at the start of the year, you would create a cover page that says “2022”. At the start of the month, you would create a page that says “January” for example.
  • Future logA page or spread that has space to jot down events, notes or task for the future upcoming months. If you are using your Bujo as a planner especially, this is a handy page to have.
  • Masterlist A comprehensive list of all the items sorted into sub topics.
  • Year at glanceThis is a calendar page for the whole year- you can either write down the entire calendar or print out and paste it into your journal.
  • Habit Trackers- A graph, drawing or illustration which you color in over time to track your progress. Popular things you can track- time spent reading, daily mood, finances, sleep, health, creativity etc.
  • A Year in Pixels Using the dots on the journal page, you create a block of 12 by 31. The 12 columns represent each month. And the 31 are the days of the month. You then color in the corresponding pixel each day and get to fill in the grid over the next 365 days!
  • Monthly SpreadA two page layout created for the month- with a calendar, monthly goals and perhaps monthly habit trackers as well.
  • Weekly Spread A single or two page layout created for the week- with the days of the week and space to write your to do lists, tasks and events.


Here are a few Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas that use just a pen and are easy to recreate.

Simple Journal Pages Video: https://youtu.be/J7alth4kcfs

simple bullet journal

Fun Fact: Many bujoists will use one, two or three notebooks in a year.

Bullet Journal First Page Ideas

VIDEO: Plaid Lettering Video Tutorial

This is the first page of my 2022 Bujo and I simply colored in the 22 by overlapping different colors. For my 2021 Bujo, I went with a simple black instead.

2021 bullet journal set up

Future Log:

This Future log spread is simple, but I loved choosing colors to color in the names of each month! For the second one beneath, I added rainbow watercolor mountains to make it colorful.

bullet journal future log
bullet journal future log 6 month

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

A simple habit or goal tracker can inspire you to make small changes to your routine or cultivate new habits easily. Print out a goal tracker or draw in a grid and start tracking!

A year in pixels: I love seeing a year in pixels page come to life! You simply color in a pixel a day and this has to be the most fun you can have with a tracker!

VIDEO: How to draw a Year in Pixels Page

a year in pixels

Goal setting and Action list grid: I love how this one turned out! You can follow a step by step tutorial I have on How To Draw Banners

Goals Actions bullet journal page

A Reading Log is a great way to keep track and motivate you to read more books in the year! I love filling up this page all through the year and looking back at it once it is done.

bullet journal books to read
Dot journaling ideas goal tracker

Bullet Journal Calendars:

Monthly spreads are drawn over two pages and often have a theme of choice.

VIDEO : January Monthly Spread Drawing


A year at a glance page is the most referred to page in my journal! It takes a lot of patience to write in all of the dates, I tried it once. Printing off a calendar and pasting it into your journal is simply easier 🙂

bullet journal calendar
floral a year at a glance page

Creative bullet journal page ideas

The dot grid on the page makes it the perfect setting to draw repetitive patterns. You can draw symmetrical patterns or go rogue and fill your page with wonky patterns. I always smile when I turn the page and see a colorful pattern!

Draw a Geometric Pattern VIDEO: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CRYL2rylu9R/


Just Scribble: Add a bright pop of color with your markers with 5 colorful doodles that anyone can draw!

rainbow colorful doodles

Black and White: Fill an entire spread with just black ink

Bullet journal page ideas

Color Swatch: An easy Bullet Journal Page idea- Marker Color Swatching!

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Color Swatch

Bullet journal quotes

On a gloomy day, nothing cheers me up faster than a good motivational quote. From experience, I have learned that by writing down positive words you have a stronger effect of the words on you than just reading them. Your brain takes the time to register the words as you write them down. Try it out!

REEL: Easy Quote idea

Bullet journal Quote

Bullet Journal Page Ideas: To do list

VIDEO: Rainbow Bullet Journal Page Ideas! https://youtu.be/fCAT-A74tMc

Write down your to do list, but make it colorful too!

dot journal ideas to do list
Bullet journal Dutch door

Bullet Journal Headers

You guys know I love hand lettering, but there is something about using the dot grid that just opens up SO many more Hand Lettering ideas! Here are a few Bullet Journal Header ideas.


Get started with my FREE Bullet Journal Printables that you can download and enjoy now!

bullet journal printables


Why do you want to keep a journal? Is it to write, or to draw or cultivate a creative habit? Keep this question in mind as you read through this blog post filled with Bullet Journal Page Ideas. For me, my journal functions as my planner, sketchbook, to-do list, and a place for me to think on paper. I journal, color, doodle, and make plans all in ONE book!

If you are intimidated by a blank new journal, just pick up a pencil and sketch out a few ideas first! You can always erase the lines if you don’t like it!


I hope you enjoyed these Bullet Journal Page Ideas, my style tends to be colorful, floral and I like some white space around my designs. I’d love to see you share your styles with me!


Thank you for being here today and spending some creative time with my friends! I’m so thankful for your kind words and support.

If you recreate this tutorial and share it on social media don’t forget to tag me! @smithakatti #smithakatti

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