Caron Cupcakes Crochet Hat Pattern

Cooler temperatures are here you can quickly whip up an adorable Caron cupcakes Crochet Hat for your kid in one afternoon. One skein of yarn is all you will need!

Last week, the kids were home from school and I thought I would take a break from my knit blanket patterns and crochet their hats quickly. For this Caron cupcakes crochet hat, I used a self-striping yarn, these yarns are so popular these days and I was excited to play with mine.


When it comes to hats, I always like to crochet. I don’t know why, but my knit beanies always end up a little too loose or tight. I like to instead crochet a hat from the top down, this way I can place it on top of the head and check whether it fits or not as the hat progresses.

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So the other day I ended up taking the girls to Michaels Craft store with me to shop for some yarn. I buy a lot of my yarn online (late night shopping) but when I do go to the store, I love to walk down the aisles just looking at all the yarn and enjoying some peace and quiet. Which doesn’t happen when you take 2 kids along with you! The first thing they saw that day were these Caron cupcake yarns with the pretty pom poms on top and they begged for one each.


I was more than happy to have a reason to buy more yarn! I let them pick their own colors and we came home with these two skeins – The Berry Surprise and the Candy Button. They come in plenty more gorgeous colors – check the colors out here

I used the recommended crochet hook for the Caron cupcakes yarn, a size G 4.00mm one. And I swear to you guys, ever since I splurged and bought this Clover Crochet hook set in spring, I have been crocheting more and more! I have so many sizes of hooks now, they come in these beautiful rainbow colors and are easy to grip. The price of these hooks keeps varying on amazon, so just head over here to see the current price. Maybe ask Santa for a set this year 😉

This Caron cupcakes crochet hat is all about the pretty colored yarn and a simple half double crochet pattern. I’ve crocheted quite a bit this year – the crocheted sunglass case, the granny circle coasters, and the pretty crochet cowl. Now I figured it’s time for a hat or two.

Caron Cupcakes Crochet Hat Pattern

The pattern I am using for these hats is Bev’s Basic Hodge-Podge Beanie. It’s a FREE pattern and is written in all sizes- baby to adult. The pattern calls for a size G or H hook, but the yarn suggests a size G hook. I went with what the yarn called for and used a size G hook. This means that my hat will end up a bit on the smaller side, so I went up one size in my pattern.

For my 8-year-old daughter, I used the women’s size pattern. This hat almost fits me as well, (but I would go up another size if it were for me) but fits her perfectly. For my 6-year-old daughter, I stuck with elementary school-aged child-size, just because she is very petite and small in size. For a regular 6-year-old, you would probably need to bump up to the teen size in the pattern.

The pattern is VERY easy to follow. I love simple and easy patterns like this. For me, knitting and crochet are all about relaxing and making something from yarn. The simpler and more repetitive a pattern is better. And this Caron Cupcakes Crochet Hat Pattern fits the bill.


The self-striping yarn creates beautiful rounds and those little half double crochet stitches look so cute right? I love how there are flecks of colors in the yarn, they kind of remind me of sprinkles on a cupcake.


These hats would make great gifts for friends and family as well! The first Caron cupcakes crochet hat took me about 2 hours. We were driving to a state park and that gave me a good 45 minutes of uninterrupted time to enjoy my crocheting. Once you set up the hat and the increases are done, it is all lather, rinse and repeat. Very calming. The second hat goes a bit faster as you know how it goes.


Each yarn skein comes with a pom pom attached and I sewed it into place after the hat was crocheted. I used a needle and matching embroidery floss. I am pretty sure the pompom was the reason why my kids bought these skeins in the first place!


And here is how these crocheted hats turned out! I love how simple they were to make and I also LOVE those smiles I got when the hats were all done and ready to be worn. The girls simply love them. And how cute are those little pom-poms?

caron cupcakes crochet hat

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If you make this Caron cupcakes crochet hat do share a photo of it with me! Tag me @smithakatti on social media. I would love to see and cheer on your projects!

Final note: This yarn is definitely bang for the buck! I have almost half a skein of yarn leftover after I finished up each hat. Maybe you can make 2 small hats from each Caron Cupcake skein? I am excited to see if I can make another hat with the leftover Caron cupcakes yarn!

Update: Check out the Crochet Beanie I made using the left over Caron cupcakes yarn 😉


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  1. Adorable! I just bought two skeins to make my twin toddler niece and nephew hats. I have the pattern from the yarn itself, but it says Child sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. Problem is, I have no idea what actual size/age those relate to! Yours came out beautiful!

    • Thank you Carrie! I found the pattern on the yarn ball too small to follow along. And you will most likely be able to. Are both hats with just one skein of yarn! There is a lot of yarn in there

      • Yes! I found a bigger PDF of it at the Crochet Crowd, and I figured size 4 would work well! Like you said, I could really make two hats! I almost wondered if I could make a little scarf with the extra part! By the way, I love that I started following you for your Tombow/Letting/Watercolor videos and I see you crochet too! Haha! A woman after my own heart! 😉

        • A little matching scarf would be so cute! And thank you for your kind words 🙂 I letter and make my videos during the week, but the weekends are all about crocheting and knitting! I just started a second hat with my leftover caron cupcakes yarn.

          • So I made one with the size 4 pattern on the hat…it fits my husband. Ugh! I’m thinking of trying the one you used or another basic beanie pattern. My niece and nephew are 3, so I’m not sure which size to use. (Has babies and elementary children) Since they were Christmas gifts, I didn’t want them to know about them until then. Hopefully I can make it work! 😉

  2. thanks for all the info I found here. Yes, the pattern on the label is way too small of print for me to read. Going to find crochet crowd one. I love this yarn . it is so cute. I too am trying to figure out what size I want. Thanks again.

    • Hey Sheila! Not sure if you are making one for a child or adult, but I’ve seen quite a few people who say that pattern comes out larger than expected (happened to me). So you want to keep a tighter tension than you think! 🙂

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