6 Easy Painted Pumpkin Ideas- No Carving Required!

Up your Fall decor game this year with these Painted Pumpkin ideas! You don’t need any fancy painting skills for these, just have fun!

I love decorating pumpkins for fall and I am for sure a No Carve Pumpkin decorating kind of girl. Which basically means instead of carving I always paint my pumpkins!


easy painted pumpkin
painted pumpkin ideas

How to: Use any Craft Paint for this, but grab a flat square paintbrush. Read more about this Brush Stroke Painting technique, before trying it on a pumpkin!

Enjoy the video of my painting this pumpkin here!

2. White Painted Pumpkin:

Cover the entire pumpkin with 2 or 3 coats of white acrylic paint or gesso. I used gesso because I already own it. Don’t go out to buy it just for this project! Apply 2 or 3 coats to get an even coverage.

3. Floral Painted Pumpkin Idea

floral painted pumpkin video

How to: Watercolors add a soft dreamy look and your flowers and leaves need not be perfect, make them messy. I love how feminine this one turns out!

Enjoy the video of my painting this pumpkin here!

5. Lettering onto a painted Pumpkin

How to: I love to use my Black Marker to decorate this because I love lettering and drawing flowers 🙂

Enjoy the video of my painting this pumpkin here!

6. Texture Painted Pumpkin

dollar tree pumpkin

How to: Scoop out the foam of the pumpkin to create a black and white contrast idea! Paint the entire pumpkin white. With a smaller brush paint the outside rims black. I love the black and white contrast and how unique and modern this looks.

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My Painted Pumpkin ideas are all simple and doable with kids. I love pulling out the paints and using a pumpkin as a canvas!

I would recommend spraying it with an even coat of some kind of sealant to protect it from moisture and squirrels 😉

Happy Crafting!

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