Easy Red White Blue Crochet Sunglass Case

An easy Summer Patriotic craft, this Crochet Sunglass Case uses up very little yarn. An easy Red White and Blue crochet, this pattern uses simple stitches to create a case that is both cute and useful!

Not only is this a quick Crocheting idea, but it hardly takes up any yarn at all. This means you can just gather up all of your scrap left over yarn balls and create something beautiful and useful. You can easily crochet a sunglass case for each member of your family!

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crochet sunglass case

Since Fourth of July is just around the corner, I chose a Red, White and Blue Crochet Pattern, but you can change the colors easily to suit your occasion.

crochet sunglass case

crochet sunglass case tutorial:

Start by creating your foundation chain and joining it to form a ring. You can make this chain as big or as small as you want your Crochet sunglasses case to measure. I have the exact stitch numbers I used in the free pattern below.

TIP: Make sure you don’t twist your chain while forming a loop. Double check to avoid ripping out your stitches and redoing it (which yours truly had to do!)

crochet in the round

Work in a stripe pattern, with entire single crochet rows.

quick crochet projects

Because we are working in the round, it is easy create the single row stripe pattern without any messy carryover of yarns.

If you are uncomfortable crocheting in the round, you can alternately create two identical rectangle piece and join them together.

One hour crochet project

Next, it’s time for the blue! I added a fun shell stitch like pattern with Treble Crochet stitches.

yarn scrap crochet patterns

I love the treble crochet, makes this part of the project go super fast!

Crochet eyeglass case pattern 2

To finish off the project, I added a border row using a crochet hook one size smaller so that the stitches would fit in neatly.

scallop crochet free pattern

There is no sewing to finish up this project! How cool is that? Simply crochet the bottom edge shut with a row of single crochet stitches.

striped crochet pattern

I had initially planned on adding small velcro fasteners to close the top edge. But the sunglasses fit in the case so snugly and comfortably that I found the velcro totally unnecessary.

red white and blue crochet small project

And thats it! This Crochet Sunglass case is also so colorful and easy to find in my purse or the beach bag. So useful!

Let me know in the comments below if you are making a crochet sunglass case for yourself today!

red white and blue crochet



Vannas choice crochet

For this Crochet sunglass case, all my yarn colors are of the Vanna’s Choice brand. Below I share links to the products I pulled out to create this project. These are affiliate links and if you purchase anything I might receive a small commission. This amount helps run this blog, thank you very much for your support!

Lion Brand Yarn 860-100 Vanna’s Choice Yarn, in color White, Midnight Blue and Brick.

Crochet Sunglass Case PATTERN:

With 5.5mm hook and any Red yarn, make 30 ch

Insert your hook into the first chain stitch you made, forming a ring. Ensure that your ring is not twisted!

Row 1: With Red yarn, 1 sc into each ch till end of row. slip stitch into the first stitch

Row 2: Change yarn to white, 1 sc into each st till end of row,

Repeat Row 1 and Row 2, seven more times.

Next Row: With Red yarn, 1 sc into each ch till end of row. slip stitch into the first stitch

Change yarn color to Blue, and work with the blue yarn till the end.

Row 3: Ch 1, *sc into next sc at base, skip next 2 scs, 3 tr into next sc * repeat till end, join to the beginning sc with a slip stitch

Row 4:  Ch 3 (counts as a treble), 2 treble into the sc below, skip next tr, sc into middle tr stitch of previous shell, skip next tr, *3 tr into sc below, sc into middle tr* repeat till end, join with a slip to the top of the three chain

Row 5: Slip stitch to second (middle) tr, ch 1, *sc into middle tr of previous shell, 3 tr into sc below* repeat till the end, join to the beginning sc with a slip stitch

Repeat Rows 4 and 5 once more.

Row 6: Using smaller needle (5mm), ch3 (counts a treble), 4 tr into sc below, sc into middle tr or previous shell,*5 tr into sc below, sc into middle tr or previous shell* join with a slip to the top of the three chain

Close bottom edge of the Crochet Sunglass case with a row of sc’s using white yarn. Weave in ends.

Abbreviations used (US):
ch    chain
sc    single crochet
sl st    slip stitch
tr    treble crochet

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If you are looking for more Red White and Blue crocheting check out this Blanket Pattern or Crochet Flowers Tutorial. Happy Crocheting!

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