Dollar Tree Watercolor Paint! How Good Are $1 Paints?

Today I’m unboxing a set of Dollar Tree Watercolor Paint and let’s see how they work! I also picked up a few paintbrushes and a plastic palette to test out.

Ever since Dollar Tree started selling their Crafter’s Square brand item, I have been hooked. In fact, I have an entire post with my favorite Dollar Tree Art and Craft Items that are amazing and worth beyond that $1.

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Dollar Tree Paint items:

Dollar store paint supplies

Watch the Dollar Tree Paint video:

On my YouTube Channel, I just uploaded an unboxing video and I also break open these Dollar Tree Paints and have some fun swatching them. Watch this Dollar Tree Paints video here.

dollar tree watercolor paint

Tempera Paints: Watercolor Paint Set Dollar Tree

This Tempera Watercolor Paint Set Dollar Tree come in a pack of 5 colors- yellow, red, blue, white, and black. There is a lot of paint per tube and you have all the primary colors. You can easily mix these five colors to create secondary colors as needed and mix in the white to create even more lighter hues.

The Tempera paints are great for Watercoloring are definitely a student-grade art supply but surprisingly good quality for the price!

Pros: The price is amazing, a good amount of paint per tube, colors lay transparent on the page, and don’t rub off easily when dry. The paints are Nontoxic and conform to the American paint standards.

Cons: You get only the primary colors, not the finest quality of paint, student grade, and have a slightly chalky feel to them.

Dollar tree paint review
Dollar tree watercolor paint color swatch

does dollar tree have paint brushes?

The paint brush set came with a set of 7 paintbrushes for a dollar! There is a mix of square and round paintbrushes. Also a mix of white/ brown qualities.

These paintbrushes were of decent quality and so inexpensive! Great for beginners and kids.

Pros: They hold a good amount of water, don’t shed any paint bristles mid painting, and come in a variety of shapes. Total bang for the buck.

Cons: The brown round paintbrush does not form a sharp pointed tip. And I can see that these paintbrushes may not last long with the bristles easily falling off

Dollar tree paintbrush sets

While these may not be the best paints I own, I painted such pretty watercolor florals with them! I found these Dollar Tree Watercolor Paints to be great for kids’ art projects and even adults can have fun with them too! If you are beginner watercolorist and just want to explore this medium I would also suggest you check out this post of mine –> Best Watercolor Supplies for Beginners

simple watercolor paintings

Dollar Tree Palette:

The plastic palettes at Dollar Tree are amazing! Pick them up when you see them, because they go fast.

dollar tree paint palette

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Dollar tree watercolor paints

Have you ever tried using cheap paint before? Overall, I actually enjoyed the limited color palette of these Dollar Tree Paints and had fun mixing my own colors and exploring new hues. The paint moves nicely with water and lays transparent/ translucent on the page.


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