Watercolor Gift Tags that are easy to make!


Spend a fun crafternoon making your own Watercolor Gift Tags that are easy to make and can be as colorful as be! I’m also using Fiskars Tag Maker to make cute shaped tags. It’s as easy as Paint, Punch, and be done!

DIY Watercolor Holiday Tags using Fiskars Tag Maker Punch

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How to make the Watercolor Gift Tags:

Onto a sheet of cardstock, paint circles, shapes, and doodles using watercolor paints.

  • To ensure that the paper doesn’t warp make sure you are using very little water on your paintbrush.
  • If you wish to create soft watery watercolor looks, switch to a heavier watercolor paper than cardstock.

Have fun mixing and matching colors and painting patterns. I went with a bright colorful rainbow theme. It was a cold rainy day and the rainbow colors cheered me. What can I say, color makes me happy 🙂


Once I had the entire sheet painted with doodles, I cut around each pattern with a pair of scissors so that I could easily punch out the Tag shapes.


How to use the Fiskars Tag Maker Punch:

Insert the cardstock into the Fiskars Tag Maker Punch, center your design, and punch.


This punch by Fiskars comes with an inbuilt eyelet hole punch as well- you just reinsert the tag into the punch and press to create an eyelet hole on the top.

fiskars tag maker

Once you have the tags punched, thread some twine or hemp through the eyelet hole to finish them off. 


Tada! From just one sheet of cardstock, we now have 12 unique DIY watercolor gift tags using the Fiskars Tag Maker Punch!

This is a fun project where you simply repeat the process till you have all of the tags made. Paint, cut, punch, and repeat.

This is a fun craft activity for kids too or if you need to prep for a birthday party.


Watercolors are my favorite, but you can try this technique with color pencils, markers, or acrylic paints too! The options are endless.


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  1. So beautiful – and it looks easy enough! I love the vibrant colours. I have a tendency to use too much water and warp my paper, but I can see that with less water, the colours look better too! Thanks for the tips! I’ll share this with my Facebook community 🙂

  2. love this! this idea will sure come in handy for the festive season and also adds a personalized touch to the gifts. I love personalized gifts. Thanks for sharing

  3. Thank you for adding these to the Bloggertunities Share Thread. I shared them on my Friday Faves this week.

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